Show Off Your Baby Bump With These Hilarious T-Shirts

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die.”~ Mary Mason.

When you get that two lines on your home pregnancy test, your world explodes with joy and hope of bringing a “mini you” in your life. Even your partner’s happiness has no bounds and he looks forward to welcoming the little bundle of joy with high spirits as evident during an ultrasound baby scan. An ultrasound baby scan offers you first glimpses of your precious gem within seconds. If you want to bond more closely with your baby, you can opt for special 4D scans provided by several 4D baby scan clinics in Peterborough.

So, flaunt your little bun in the oven with these funny t-shirts

  1. This little man is there to protect his mother even inside the womb. Folks, beware of calling his mamma fat! Or else get ready to receive a knock-out punch from the little guy.

2. Ahem. Here’s another fun t-shirt for you to let the entire world know about the person responsible for your Cletus the fetus.

3. That moment when you have cravings for certain things and people don’t realize that it’s the baby’s demand. Don’t wait for long, go and get your fill of burgers and fries after finishing this article.

4. Pregnancy in a nutshell-eating for two,drinking for two, peeing for two, and napping for two as well! This t-shirt says it all.

5. It becomes irritating when unfamiliar people in public try to touch your bump. Like seriously? This t-shirt is a must for saving you from such annoying peeps.

6. Pregnancy, though a wonderful experience can also make you tired a lot. Here’s a t-shirt dedicated to this situation.

7. Dear vegans, a t-shirt handpicked especially for you if your gender scan clinic says you are having a girl and of course for your love for guacamole.

8. The baby seems to be very impatient. The little one wants to come out ASAP!

9. The baby just kicks you at their schedule. Let everyone know how much naughtiness you deal with even before your baby’s birth.

10. Though babies bring joy in our world, there comes a time in our mind when we just think we can’t deal anymore and decide, “Okay, not getting pregnant again!”

We hope you liked the t-shirts mentioned here. Don’t forget to schedule regular ultrasound baby scan appointments at an ultrasound baby scan clinic in Peterborough.

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