I’m sorry Mario.
Jeffrey Goldberg

Jeff, I appreciate the reply.

I am a senior developer, I know what it is and dealt with it in various scenarios over the years. I am not sure what in my message made it sound it otherwise.

Regardless, my point is that you don’t need necesseraly malware to spoof the loopback and that the cost of even basic encryption over clear text is negligible compared to the additional deterrent which at least prevents unintentional spoofing. Network engineers are users of 1P too.

As most conversations on the Agilebits forum, this one as well end up in a corteous “that’s it for now, we will prioritize thanks for participating.”

I have been using the products of your company before the employee #s jumped around the 100 and I can’t miss noticing over time that the customer oriented style moved from a product that I can trust to a communication style that it is supposed to make me feel better regardless of what is reported. I hope this will change at some point

Given that company position, it is pointless to have a conversation

I appreciate your time, either way.

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