Why I Left the Republican Party: A Warning
Austin Frank

“ Issues and facts no longer matter, only Trump: If Trump is for it, Republicans are for it.”

I left the Republican Party a while back. In truth I feel as if the Party left me. But I am frankly puzzled by the content of your essay. A good many Republicans are not for Trump at all. I’m not sure they’re for Clinton, but they certainly aren’t for Trump and have made that resoundingly clear.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust either one in the position of county clerk, much less president of the US. I always vote. I’d like to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein but Johnson is a nitwit when it comes to foreign policy and Stein is, well, just a nitwit. I guess I’ll just write in Pat Paulsen. He’s dead. For a long time. And the vote won’t count. But we don’t have ‘none-of-the-above’ in this country so …

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