How Trump’s mere existence delegitimizes Clinton’s candidacy and presidency — and what we must do…
Jeff Jarvis

“ This is a direct extension of the media narrative we hear now about Clinton: that no one trusts her, no one likes her. That is a media lie, a manipulation, and the result of lazy journalism…”

I don’t believe that anyone in or out of the media, no serious person anyway, has said that “no one trusts her, no one likes her.” But you would have to be delusional to the point of commitment to a mental facility to ignore the polling that places her negatives at levels that would kill her candidacy in a normal election.

I know a number of people who have been Clinton fans in the past but who have over the last few years lost their ardor and now see a vote for her as being nothing more than a necessary vote against a nut. I am lucky to live in a state so reliably Democratic that it would cast its Electoral College votes for absolutely anyone running as the Democrat so I am free to write in Pat Paulsen.

In a perfect world there would be a “none of the above” entry on the ballot — an entry that would have an excellent chance of winning. I would happily embrace another year or two of President Obama while new primaries were conducted. Perhaps the down ballot races would give him a better Congress to work with.

America deserves a better president than either party is offering as a candidate. Trump is a buffoon, and very likely a racist, sexist sociopath. Clinton has used a lifetime of public service to amass a staggering personal fortune and has demonstrated shockingly poor judgment that reflects a failure to learn from history and an apparent belief that rules are for ‘the little people,’ but certainly not for her.

Hillary Clinton will certainly be the next president. She will almost certainly be a single term president. She will not enter office with a mandate and she will face resistance from Congress that makes Mr. Obama’s ordeal appear a minor irritation.

America deserves more. The world deserves better than either of these deeply flawed candidates.

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