The @GOP: Stuck in the Middle with Trump
Reed Galen

This is indeed a political year sui generis. The probably next president is neither trusted nor especially well-liked by a majority of the electorate, her principle challenger is risibly unpresidential. It would seem a propitious moment for a third part to reshape the political landscape. Yet Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are sleepwalking their way to oblivion and the Greens have reached deep into their barrel and come up with a certifiable nut less likely to become the next president than Pat Paulsen.

Bernie Sanders managed a prodigious small ball fundraising operation that might well have ejected Hillary Clinton but for the heavy thumb of Wasserman-Schultz on the scale. So where is the Johnson-Weld fundraising effort? I’ve heard not a peep from them.

RNC non-feasance and Libertarian failure to take themselves seriously will reap what they have sown. Voter apathy will likely be profound by election day.

To misappropriate a sixtiesism: what if they had an election and nobody came?

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