Why Not to Use Ammonia Based Cleaners for Windshield?

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4 min readApr 3, 2017
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A clean windshield is critical for a clear view of the road when driving. Streaks or smudges of dirt on this glass can distort the driver’s vision and thus safety on the road. In addition, cracks or damage to the car windshield glass can also obstruct the view and compromise passenger safety.

Very often people don’t realise that along with road view, the windshield glass provides massive structural support to the car. A cracked windshield significantly loses its strength thus affecting overall safety, especially in case of an accident.

To avoid problems on the road be sure to opt for car glass dealers in Chennai. Also, keep the glass clean at all times for perfect visibility. Here, we bring you expert tips to keep your windshield glass clean while also knowing which products to avoid.

Steer clear of ammonia-based cleaners

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The biggest mistake any car owner can make while cleaning their windshield glass is using a solution with ammonia. This substance found in many glass cleaners should never be used on car glasses for several reasons.

Harmful fumes: The fumes released when using ammonia based cleaners can be extremely harmful to health. In addition, when used in an enclosed space like a garage, these fumes tend to accumulate and can lead to several health consequences.

Streaking: Another problem noticed with ammonia solutions on the windshield is that they often leave huge streaks across the glass. Not only do these streaks affect one’s vision while driving but can also lead to glare problems on the road.

Affects car parts: The harsh chemical ammonia is known to dry out several materials like plastic and rubber among others. Over time, it can impact the car frame thus affecting the firm grip on the glass.

In case of a collision, this can be extremely risky as the hold on the glass of the frame won’t be as strong. Further, damage to the car frame can be quite an expensive proposition for a car owner.

Ruin windshield glass: Apart from not cleaning the glass well, ammonia solutions can also damage the glass over time. In case of a tinted windshield, this solution can scratch or peel the tint layer ruining its effect.

Thus, when opting for a cleaning solution for your car windshield and other glasses, be sure to check the labels carefully for any mention of ammonia. Additionally, check with a reputed auto centre in your locality for a good brand of car glass cleaner.

Expert tips for a clean windshield

Now that you know what not to do, let’s look at some tips that can actually help clean your windshield without any concerns of damage.

Use a microfiber towel: A common mistake made when cleaning the glass is using a regular towel. Instead, opt for a microfiber cloth that is soft on the glass and will not leave any streaks for a clear finish.

In case you can’t get hold of a microfiber cloth, use a wet newspaper to clean your glass. Do not use old regular towels as they are sure to leave streaks and smudges on your glass. Additionally, avoid wiping your windshield glass with a rough cloth as it can scratch your windshield glass.

Wipe the blades: The cleanest windshield glass can be smudged instantly if the wiper blades are dirty when activated. Be sure to regularly wipe your blades each time you wash your windshield to keep them clean and elongate their life span.

Further, if there are any gravel or stones stuck to the blades, they can scratch or crack your windshield too adding the hassle of having to take your car for windscreen repair.

Stock up on washer fluid: Though you may start out with a clean windshield, dirt and other environmental elements can dirty it. Here, a simple activation of the windshield washer fluid and blades can clean your glass in no time.

However, most people forget to check the levels of this critical fluid and often face problems on the road. So be sure to always stock up on this critical fluid for a clean windshield glass at all times.

Thus, simple tips can protect your windshield glass and offer you a clear view of the road at all times. Be sure to consult expert technicians at our auto service centre for any concerns.