So why is it that the Left places full responsibility on the U.S.
Chris Engel

The average immigrant is a net benefit to the US, as in other host countries, and pays taxes, employs others and raises good citizens who continue to help the country’s infrastructure and economy grow. With fertility rates declining in the US and Europe, immigrants are vital to maintain the tax base needed to fund social security and other vital social infrastructure. Having escaped a horrible situation that the US and/or Europe may or may not have helped to create, most immigrants are eager to prove themselves and build a life that would not have been possible where they fled from. That is the basis of what built the US into the powerhouse it is today. As for the claims of them being a burden, the stats show that they use less services and commit fewer crimes than US born citizens on average, and work hard at jobs that citizens refuse. In other words, what’s good for them is also good for us.