Map Journal Customizations — Part 3: Street View Button
Tim Witt

Hey Tim,

Yeah, I mean, it does and doesn’t. I can’t actually use the Street View guy because he forces the User to drop him on the Side Panel where the story is; instead of on the Main Stage where the map is. Part of me thought this had to do with the code that references what style of side panel I am using — your example uses ‘left’ and mine uses ‘right’. I figured somewhere in the template there is a reference to this difference and that your code maybe just needs to reference the alternative name. I looked in the content section of the index.html, but none of the classes immediately stood out — class =”mainViewSideMap sidePanel sectionPanel” for example does not indicate anything to me bout the side panel being left or right. I know the code for layouts is in the config.js….but nothing stood out immediately as to how to alter the street view code to adjust to the layout position……right now when we drop the little street view man, the results are a black screen.

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