The person I want to be:

  1. Who thinks well before saying. Speak slowly.
  2. Who listens more than talks. Less talking more observing /listening.
  3. Who does what she says/decides.
  4. Who respects herself and treats herself well. Who does things to improve herself every hour (physically and mentally). Consider her body a ceremony.
  5. No complaint. No self hate. No self damaged. No negative talk.
  6. Always moving forward. Always learning. Always try something new (and good, not some shitty stuff)
  7. Brave. Do whatever it takes to get what I want. Fear no mistake/failure/rejection.
  8. Journal everyday to learn more about myself ->rút kinh nghiệm , phát triển bản thân.
  9. Eat well. Excercise. Yoga. Meditate. Learn skills. Sleep. No internet. Learn something new. Improve everyday.
  10. Read everyday. Write 5 good things I do everyday. Write 3 goals I have to accomplish everyday. Write 5 things I’m grateful for.
  11. Write 10 ideas a day. Practice self care self love. Sleep before 10.30pm. Nap 1 hour a day.
  12. Vegan. No crap/junk/sugar/prossessed food. Take supplement.
  13. Patient. Commit. Practice mini habit. Train myself and my brain. Be worthy. Be responsible. Focus.
  14. Say No when needed. Master 80/20 (do important stuff) and Pakinson rule (short deadline — peak performent time)