Why do she has to do that?

I got mad. She didn’t know she pushed me to do things out of my comfort zone. Too much and too harsh for me. Of course she doesn’t know. And may never know.

But to think about that, why does she need a room and a motobike? Cuz she wants to be with me. She wants to live with me. Cuz she said I was her only happiness here.

All of her friends in this island have left. She is lonely.

She is sad. And she is discouraged. I know. She feels lonely.

Yet I got mad with her. I should have not. I should empathize her. I should understand her motive.

I need to control my mood.

I’m being harsh with the one who loves me. I’m pushing them away.

I need to be more considerate. Kinder. Nicer. And more tolerated. Calming and understanding.

She even called me to ask if i was ok. She really cares for me. Maybe I am asking for too much. I need to do something for my beloved one.

Let love her all I can.

Show her how I love her by my action, my caring, my courage. And my patience. My sacrifice.

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