Australia Day Tasting 2015

in London (part 1 of 3)

If you like wine and specially if you are part of the industry, London is the place to be. The whole wine world comes here to show what they have to offer and is something normal to have 3, 4 big tasting events per day, where a lot of sommeliers, wine merchants, retailers, restaurant managers, press and media go to taste their wines to add them to their wine lists, portfolios and write critics about them.

One of those big events was the Australia Day Tasting, on Tuesday at the Lindley Hall. Over 1000 wines to taste, from 30 different regions presented by more than 80 exhibitors. I spent something like 3 hours tasting some of the wines I had references and wanted to see if they were up to expectation, which, most of them…they were.

Following, my favourite wines from Australia that you need to try:

Suckfizzle Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon 2011 …………………………..…………… £29.99

Do you have a sommelier friend or a family member who thinks they know a lot about wine? Tell them to taste this wine “blind” and ask them to guess if it is made from Sauvignon blanc or Semillon…they will go insane, because this wine has the best of both worlds, lemon/lime, passion fruit, a touch of grass, honey, toast, grapefruit. CLEAR aromas, that means, it doesn't matter if you are not “trained” to recognize aromas, you WILL find them. This wine is very complex, with a lot of stuff to offer still in an elegant, delicate way. Try also the Suckfizzle Cabernet Sauvignon. You can find it in Alliance Wine.

ps: now you can tell your friend/family member the wine is a blend. They will hate you… but love you back for introducing them this wonderful wine.

Nepenthe Pinnacle Shiraz “Gate Block” 2012 ………………………..…………… £18.99

The nose, oh my God, what a nose. Highly aromatic red/blackberry jam, spice, chocolate, toast and blueberry pie. Love at first sight. The palate is not as heavy as you would think, is a medium body (which is not something bad) with firm tannins and good natural acidity. The fruit on the palate is fresh, and is something you don't expect because the aromas are very ripe. Good wine that reflects the beautiful area of Adelaide Hills. You can find it with Australian Vintage.

Ten Minutes by Tractor McCutcheon Pinot Noir 2012 ……………………… £47.15

Great name for a great bottle of wine. It’s a 100% pinot, with intense nose of cherries, dark oak, spice and smoke (subtle smoke). The palate is more impressive, big, dark toast. A lot of weight, structure. It’s young now but if you buy one of these bottles, take the time to prepare a nice dinner, something slow roast, with herbs and dark sauces and let it breathe in a decanter for 2 hours…and you will find a new best friend. Get it in Bancroft.

3 great wines, from 3 great wineries
  • Katnook Estate Shiraz 2010, Coonawarra (South Australia), £25.99
  • Lethbridge Allegra Chardonnay 2008, Geelong (Victoria), £46.99
  • Chapel Hill Parson’s Nose Shiraz 2013, Mc Laren Vale (SA), £15.99

All the wines above where superb. The Katnook has a very plum-chocolate-spice nose and great oaky notes on the palate. Very charming wine. Chapel Hill it’s full of clean, clear aromas of red berries, dark chocolate, pepper and caramel, a bit less dense than the Katnook. Finally, the Allegra Chardonnay brings the joy with a great oak character, minerality, pure fruit, honey, citrus and a hints of tropical fruit. Great exponent. What it’s common in these 3 wines, is their balance. Nothing is overwhelming, everything is “happily” harmonious. All the wines are available at Berkmann Wine Cellars.

Stay tuned for part 2, a lot more to come.
You can see pictures of the labels here.

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