Malbec Wine and Its Wonders

Malbec wine is one of popular full-bodied red wines, recognized as a great alternative to expensive wines Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon for its equally awesome plump, dark fruit flavours and smoky finish.

The History of Malbec Wine

Also called “Cot” and “Auxxerios”, Malbec wine is made from the thick-skinned grape Malbec which originated in South Western France. This grape is a product of two esoteric grape varieties Montpellier and Gaillac which are mostly grown in Languedoc-Roussilon and South Western France, respectively.

Since the time of its discovery, Malbec had become a popular blending grape that it instantly got included in Bordeaux’s top five wine grapes. However, the natural weather and presence of pests in France that time did no good to Malbec’s growth. Because of this, the production of Malbec wines did not bloom as a top French wine. Today, majority of France’s Malbec grapes are rather found in Cahors, a small town near a river toward Bordeaux.

Luckily, somewhere way back in 1868, the mayor of Mendoza, Argentina ordered a nostalgic French botanist to plant Malbec in the region where pests and the weather were no more a problem. This reinvigorated the potential of Malbec grape to reach the international market and become one of the world’s top 18 noble grapes. Today, Argentina is leading the production of Malbec grape. In fact, it is responsible of over 75% of all the acres of Malbec grapes throughout the world and to date, it continues to grow in popularity.

The Different Tastes of Malbec Wine

The Argentine kind of Malbec wine focuses on three main fruit flavours, namely, blackberry, black cherry, and plum. The nuanced flavours of these can produce different finishes including milk chocolate, cocoa powder, leather, violet flowers, and sweet tobacco.

Contrary to the Argentine Malbec wine flavours that focus more on fruits, French Malbec wines are playing around the flavours of black plum, and tart currant with a savory bitterness flavour at the start. Usually from the regions of Loire and Cahors, French Malbec wines tend to have moderate to high acidity level that is usually found in spices and black peppers. Because of this and their moderate amount of tannin, French Malbec wines are believed to age longer than the ones produced in Argentina.

Nowadays, as a lot of wine companies continuously produce tasty Malbec wines with a twist, the fruit flavours in the market may already vary from black cherry, plum, pomengranate, to raspberry, blackberry, or blueberry. These wines also produce different aromas as producers play around flower, spices, herbs, and minerals. These aromas may include Mocha, Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Leather, Black Pepper, Stem, Tobacco, Gravel, and even Coffee.

Fun Fact Time!

Do you know that Malbec grapes are best stored in higher grounds? Studies show that Malbec grapes produce more acidity they need to produce great tasting and long lasting wine if they are stored in higher elevated areas with a wide diurnal temperature shift. In lower elevations, the grapes would struggle to achieve its best potential.

Experience Malbec wine’s best!

Served best at a slightly cool temperature, ideally 21 degrees C, Malbec wines are considered an amazing dupe for famous wines that are rather expensive which include Syrah, Dolcetto, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Petite Verdot, Lacrima, Touriga Nacional, Mourvedre, and Nero d’ Avola.

In Argentina, Malbec is blended occasionally with a regional red grape originating from Italy called Bonarda. In Bordeaux, France, Malbec wines are popularly known to go very well with Petit Verdot and Merlot.

As per many wine and food enthusiasts, Malbec wine is believed to be perfect with black pepper buffalo burgers with blue cheese mushrooms and rosemary infused garlic kale chips. If you do not have that kind of burger, you can rather go for dark meat poultry and lean red meat as the wine go well with these and other earthly flavours like beef brisket, chicken leg, lamb, ostrich, pork shoulder, and beef.

For devoted vegetarians and health enthusiasts, you may pair your glass of Malbec wine with mushroom, roasted vegetables, potato, kale, arugula, beet, onion, grilled endive, black beans, lentils, and forbidden rice. Experts say these pair beautifully with the wine’s taste and aroma.

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