Silicon Valley- it is time to start caring about the Dodd-Frank repeal
Sarah Nadav

Killing Dodd-Frank = one of the best decisions. Regulation responsible for NYC financial industry losing its status to London and for the credit crunch crisis — the most damaging crisis in recent history. The author is not even competent to talk on the issue… presented in media as “serial FinTech entrepreneur” yet a closer look reveals she’s a journalist turned mentor (really?) and activist… just criticising because it’s Trump and it’s in, right?

To say it in her own manner ‘she’s full of shit’ … clickbait title and doesn’t fail to include strong call to action to follow, share, subscribe because “omg we are headed for an economic clusterfuck of epic proportions” … according to non-economist, non-entrepreneur, random somebody whose two FinTech startup is a decor blog and the other one doesn’t even exist… and her “hedge fund friend” thanks for sharing your illusions…

If something gets you fucked it’s taking advice from all the fakes and wannabes in this tech industry…

PS: a FinTech startup should watch regulations closely under any administration because any new regulatory change can kill you in such overregulated industry.

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