A Perfect Pairing: Sushi

When going out to eat, having the perfect wine to go with your food can make a good dinner great! Today we talk about different wines that go well with everything Sushi!

We start with the appetizers. Seaweed salad anyone? Or maybe edamame is your kind of thing? When it comes to pairing something with a greens like these, it is important that the wine is crisp, has plenty of texture, and matches the profile of the greens.

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2018 Lunae Black Label Vermentino

Vermentino is a great pairing for these dishes. The unripe green apple and citrus aromas pair well with the green qualities of both the seaweed salad and the edamame. The minerality in the wine pairs well with the saltiness of both dishes as well.

Next up is your Sashimi, a selection of raw fish slices. These small fatty slices of melt in your mouth fish need something with plenty of acidity to pair with them. Nothing is better than a bottle of German riesling. The natural high acidity of the wine will cut right through a fatty piece of raw fish.

2016 Weingut Tesch Remigiusberg Trocken Riesling

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Tesch Trocken Riesling is a great bottle of wine that will please the masses. Many people stay away from riesling in fear that it may be too sweet. While the sweeter styles go very well with sushi as well, dry rieslings work best. Hard white peach, salty minerality, and a lip smacking finish is the perfect pairing for raw fish.

Now on to your sushi rolls, the most difficult pairing of the Sushi experience! All different rolls with complex flavors. How do you find a wine that goes well with all of it? Stick to something with intense aromatics but light weight on the palate, and make sure it has plenty of acidity. There is nothing better than a great Chenin Blanc for final course of the meal.

2016 Laurent Kraft Vouvray Sec

Vouvray is a small appellation within the Loire Valley where some of the best Chenin Blanc grows. This savory, but extremely aromatic wine goes well with any complex roll you put in front of it. Whether it is light with delicate raw fish, or hearty with shrimp tempura, Vouvray goes well with it all.

Next time you have plans to go to Sushi, and you are not sure what wine you want to bring. Give any of these styles a try, you will not be disappointed.

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