Five Insane Wines Under $20!

Finding wines that really over deliver at a reasonable price can be difficult, but there are some ways that you can pick out a wine like a professional and be confident that it will drink better than what you paid for.

Wine #1:

2017 Janasse Terre D’Argile Cotes du Rhone: $19.98

A great way to find amazing value is to known who makes the wine. In this case, one of the all time best producers of Chateauneuf du Pape makes this wine. Domaine de la Janasse year after year is getting some of the highest scores in the small appellation, but very few people know about their Cotes du Rhone. This is a wine made by the same people from a different region at a fraction of the price of their other wines! In this case, you are exploiting the fact that you are getting elite winemaking at a not so elite price.

Wine #2:

2015 Molino Sant’antimo Perpaolo: $19.99

Another great way to find amazing value is understanding the vintages. Many times you read vintage reports and the articles are built around some of the biggest names and most expensive wines within the region. The vintage though is the same for all wineries, so finding great wines at a reasonable price isn’t as hardas you think. This is a Perpaolo by Molino di Sant’antimo is a Cabernet that you from a great producer in one of the best vintages ever in Tuscany. An amazing value.

Wine #3:

Bzikot Blanc de Blanc Brut Cremant de Bourgogne: $19.97

Real Champagne can be extremely expensive. It is impossible to get proper Champagne under $20, but we have something that is, and is as good as wines that cost two to three times the price. This is Bzikot Cremant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blanc. Just south of proper Champagne, but made with the same grapes and in the same process. This is one of our favorite producers of Burgundy, and the Cremant is easily on of their best values. You wouldn’t even know it wasn’t Champagne if we didn’t tell you!

Wine #4:

2018 Guy Allion Sauvignon Blanc: $12.99

When we think of French Sauvignon Blanc, there is one region that rules them all, Sancerre. Good Sancerre though can be expensive! This is a great example of finding the same grape in another sub region that has a lot of similarities. The Touraine Appellation of the Loire Valley is just west of Sancerre and has a lot of similarities. They get a lot of the same weather every year and the terroir is similar as well. This is an amazing Sauvignon Blanc that has a lot of the same minerally dry notes as Sancerre at a much cheaper price!

Wine #5:

2016 Esporao Reserva Red: $15.49

Last but not least, know your regions. There are many places in the world that are known for making extremely high quality wines at a reasonable price. One of those countries is Portugal. It has been known for many years that their wines will always over deliver for the price. Esporao is one of the best wineries in Portugal and makes some of the best wines. Lucky for you, most of them are extremely affordable! Look at other regions like South Africa, South America, and Australia to find other great values!

The last piece of advice we can give you when it comes to finding wines that really over deliver is signing up for Wine Texts! On a daily basis we are promoting insane discounts on wine to you from great producers around the world. While we try to find wines of value for you like the ones above, Wine Text will bring you wines that are actually retailed for 2+ times the amount you pay! A great way to introduce yourself to fine wines!

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