The 3 Wines to Drink With Your Next Netflix Binge

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Feb 21 · 4 min read

It seems like every week there are a handful of shows and movies that you can get caught up in released on Netflix. Whether it is a new drama, sci-fi, comedy, or docuseries, there is something for everyone. We are here to make sure you have the right bottle of wine open on the coffee table while you are catching up on all the new shows and movies!

Let us start with an American Classic. All seven Police Academy films are available on Netflix. Yes, ALL SEVEN. If you can’t get enough of the slapstick comedy of Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), Lieutenant Harris (G.W. Bailey), and Cadet Thompson (Kim Cattrall), this is where you need to be! This hysterical series of movies built around the experience of law enforcement officers in training, will have you laughing out loud. There is nothing better than a bottle of bubbly to go along with all the cheesy jokes.

Cadet Carey Mahoney and Lt. Harris in a typical feud.

Edi Kante Spumante Rosato Dosaggio Zero is a great wine for this. This rose sparking is made with the same varietals as Champagne and produced in the same style. Fresh cranberry, strawberry and lots of mineral notes on the palate, but light and easy drinking.. If you didn’t know it wasn’t champagne, you would think it was. It is a great wine to drink with something that makes you laugh, and Police Academy will have you chuckling the entire time!

Maybe a fantasy adventure is more your style. Just recently Netflix released their newest original series, Locke & Key. The story of a family who moves to a small town, into an old house that has been in the family for many years. The house is filled with magical keys, both good and bad, opening doors to all kinds of places, fantasies, and adventures. While this sounds fun, there are plenty of scary moments that will have you on the edge of your seat, maybe even make you jump once or twice!

Bode Scott discovers the “Head Key”

To keep you safe, we think a delicious bottle of white wine will go well with Locke & Key, we don’t want you spilling any red wine on your furniture! Grand Canal Blanc by Cave de Roquebrun is a light, but complex white wine. A Roussane and Grenache Blanc blend made in St. Chinian is similar to white of the Southern Rhone. It is easy to drink so you can focus on the in and outs Locke & Key!

Netflix has released a new nature series, Night on Earth. It is an in depth and inside look into nature at night! If you find yourself not being able to turn off the nature documentaries on Netflix, then this is right up your alley! The crew spends time in jungles, cities, and even the ocean to show you how nature acts throughout the evening, while the rest of us are sleeping! When you’re watching your favorite creatures, we have a great bottle of wine for you to try!

Night sets on lions lounging in Africa.

Super Tuscans are very full bodied wines, and they are pretty dark, just like night! Podere Sette L’invidio is a Tuscan red made in the home of great Super Tuscans, Bolgheri. These classic reds are full bodied with lots of red fruits up front, savory earthiness, and a rich finish from the amount of time spent in oak. This is a great wine to watch as lions hunt, or sharks dive deep into the depths of the ocean.

Not only to you have great shows to binge on Netflix, but now you have some great wines to go with them! We are excited to be able to find amazing wines for any occasion, especially ones where you get to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life! Enjoy!

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