Wine Spotlight: 2015 Et Fille Willamette Pinot Noir

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Feb 26 · 2 min read
Palmer Creek Vineyard

When it comes to American wine regions, California has dominated the conversation. Oregon though, over the the last 30 years or so has really been making a lot of noise in the industry, especially for their Pinot Noirs.

Et Fille is a family run winery started by a determined father and his daughter. Howard and Jessica Mozeico have made it a mission to produce wines that are meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. To them all the hard work making wines by hand is worth it when having a bunch of friends around the dinner table talking and enjoying the wine.

Their winery is in the heart of the Willamette Valley and they are sourcing from some really spectacular vineyards, including Palmer Creek, Maresh, and Kalita Vineyards. This Pinot is a blend of grapes from all their vineyards. It is the most approachable of their wines. If you aren’t familiar with Oregon Pinot Noirs, they are most known for taking on the terroir and being a more elegant style. Very similar to how Burgundy drinks.

The wine has a lot of the classic Pinot Noir notes. Bright cherry on the forefront, with some notes of raspberry and mint. Like Burgundy, there is also a strong representation of terroir in these wines. Also the acidity is decently high, which is great for aging. While it is drinking very well now, you will be really impressed a couple years down the way. There are only 775 cases made of this wine in total!

If you are looking for foods to go with this wine, we would stick to lighter meats and heavier fish dishes. This is a great wine for things like Lobster, Salmon, Duck, Chicken and even some lighter pork dishes.

This small production winery is really making some exceptional wines. When it comes to Oregon, they are some of the most classic in the region especially at the price point you can get them at. Et Fille is a bottle of Pinot Noir that you are not going to want to miss out on!

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