WineMaps Location Management Platform

The WineMaps US Global Listing is integrated with a powerful, scalable location content management system that allows us to store and manage every bit of information about your locations, from basic details like address and phone number to enhanced content like lat/long, menus, photos, and more. Our Location Management Platform is your Database of Record!

Make Data Management Easy Across the Organization

  • Store, manage, edit, customize, and sync information about your locations across our US Global Listings Network, including:
  • Basic name, address, and phone (NAP)
  • Business categories • Business hours, holiday hours, photos and videos, products and services, staff bios, menus, and calendars
  • Address, phone number, and content support in any language or address format

Start by scanning your location and then fill our our Location form choosing the US Global Listing to get started right away! It’s easy and fast to add your location data to our platform.

WineMaps can centrally manage all your location marketing analytics

Our Analytics Hub: WineMaps can measure your US Global Listing performance across all of your locations from our location management platform, including Listing Visitors, Search Terms, and Review Monitoring. Together with our detailed SEO Reports Platform, they boast state-of-the-art reporting functionality for our clients. Along with our Location Management Platform we will provide services to setup, configure and deploy comprehensive reports helping our clients optimize themselves and measure their success online.

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