Savor Wine While You Dine

Picture yourself dining at a luxurious restaurant and relishing your meal. Gorgeous women surround you as you pour wine into the glass. They ascend to taste your wine selection. This isn’t an illusion; it is possible if you manage to pick up the right wine that complements your meal. Wine varies as per regions and you have countless choices. The pressure is on, what to pick and what not to?

Calm down. Buying wine should never be a chore or a bore. Remember it is a wine that is certainly delicious whenever drunk. A good restaurant will always cater you with a list of well-selected wines and they should be relished with the same enthusiasm at the table.

Navigate the wine list

A hefty list with plenty of choices can be daunting but don’t get excited. The wine list always comes with a synchronized structure with which they work. Break the list either into stylistic categories like light and lively or big and bold. Experiment with different wines at the drop of a hat. Venturing into new destinations or grape varieties can be a great way to find a bargain. The perfect way to judge the price of a wine list is to look for a well-known label and compare the rates to those versions you have had tasted elsewhere. A well-priced list may spur you to try the best quality vino and compel to visit the restaurant once again. On the contrary, a poor-value list may leave you feeling gouged and you may be wandering for a new place to dine!

A diverse list gives you the opportunity to try new wines and the best part is there are a few wine apps that come handy to help you guide through the list. The best food and wine pairing apps not only break the ice but also help you crack great deals.

Explore more options

A good restaurant caters you a broad-spectrum of wine list to experiment with. Intensive wine by the glass is a rising concept that has emerged for tasting different vinos. A few establishments offer flights i.e. a series of multiple wines tasted in small proportions. Another brilliant way is to pick a wine from chef’s menu list because that is specially prepared by a chef for that particular evening. Hand-picked wines are always tailor-made for wine lovers and are chosen by expert chefs or sommeliers. Food and wine pairing apps are highly recommended by experienced chefs.