Job of XXI century, Economy of XVIII

In the past 10 years, the working model is deeply changed. The pc over the desktop isn’t only to make some presentation slide or a spreadsheet.

From our computer we access to online services for making the same slides or making calculus without needs to install software, and a space in the cloud to store our docs or images.

Cool, don’t?

We can fill a request form, subscribe to an event, buy tickets or sell stock options.

Ever cooler.

Our pc make the job of two or three humans, many times a day. But pc is turning obsolete, substituted by smartphones, and in the industry ever more robots works like 15 humans workers.

Not so cool, so, if you are one of this obsolete workers.

It isn’t technology stealing work, but economy

Let’s we suppose that introduction of a new machine reduces needs of working force by 5%; an option to dismissal could be reduce working hours of 5%. Clearly there is the pay problem: if you work 2 hour less in a week, you have 2 hour less of money.

It’s the same, old story: do you prefer have 30€ less or no salary at all? The problem is under those 2 hours you don’t work which. In this time you could have a course to learn how to program, or how to build a web site, or play a guitar.

Machines, like pc or robots ares, should not get worse our quality of life, but improve it, with more time for us and our interests. In this time we can develop new ideas, or new business model, or simply write a new song.

It should be ok for all.

And those two hours should be paid, because a human being thinking, making, playing, some times succeeds to realize her idea and, to the end, improve the quality of life of the community.

The actual systems seems limits every way for new thinking, every idea out of schemas.

In this Third Millennium it exists jobs never imagined 10 or 15 years ago, we have new technology and innovations in our daily life. My smartphone have more power than my pc’s 5 years old.

Let’s think about first iPhone, revolutioning the way we use smartphone; let’s think about tablets, let’s observe what happens in the automotive field, use of drones, 3D printing, telesurgery.

Let’s look about new video artists on YouTube and then tell me if this Third Millennium world looks like that of Second one. Classical jobs, like baker or farmer, are modifying itself, with new way to attract custom, with ability to sell your bread over 1000 km along or use a welding machine over 10.000 km away.

Think about what Internt done at communication world, art system, publishing, television.

The economy, the Nations, need centuries to modify themself, and our work organization is the same theorized from Taylor in 19^ century.

Now we are in 21^ since 16 years, but organization model of production mode rests the older one.

But if Nations and kind of States want survives, they had really to evolve itself.

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