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Our Mission

Wine To Water is committed to serving in community to provide water to those in need.

Since 2004, Wine To Water has provided over 600,000 people with access to clean water.


Motto: “Liberty and Order”

Capital: Bogotá

Population: 47,698,524

Currency: Colombian Peso

Religion: Roman Catholic

Government Structure: Presidential Republic

GDP: $307.5 billion

Per Capita: $14,500

Official Language: Spanish

Major Exports: Petroleum, coffee, coal, and emeralds

Major Imports: Industrial equipment, paper products, chemicals and fuels

Meet The Team: Wine To Water Colombia

Jhonny Anderson

National Project Manager

Jhonny is passionate about music and is currently studying ethnomusicology. He loves to learn about different cultures and languages. He wants to share the need for clean water through his musical ability. 
+57 313.882.5200

Gonzalo Jimenez

Technical Advisor

Gonzalo is passionate about God, learning languages, aviation, cinema, photography, Bible archeology and social work.

Lisa Merritt

Director of Volunteer Program
Lisa currently lives in Durham, NC and has been coordinating volunteers internationally since 2005. She is passionate about connecting people to service opportunities around the world.
770.851.4132. (US Cell)

Emily Hendrickson

Volunteer Program Coordinator
Emily joined the W|W team in August of 2018 with a desire to connect people around the world to each other. She has experience in traveling both domestically and internationally and volunteering cross culturally.


1. Apply on our Volunteer Application.

2. Once accepted, decide on the country in which you want to volunteer: Amazon, Dominican Republic, or Nepal.

3. Decide on the best dates for your desired country.

4. Register for your trip using the link provided in your volunteer acceptance email.

5. Start raising money and awareness for your trip! Begin your campaign with GiveEffect! After creating your own campaign page under your desired trip, you can share it online to raise donations from family and friends!

b. Donations can also be made by check. Please make all checks payable to Wine To Water and personally collect them before sending them into us. When you have the full amount raised, write “Volunteer in YOUR COUNTRY-YOUR NAME” on the memo line of each check and mail it to: Wine To Water-Volunteer Programs/ PO Box 2567/ Boone, NC 28607.

6. Obtain all necessary travel documents (passports and visas).

a. Many times the airlines will not allow you to travel if your passport only has 6 months before expiration.

b. Apply for a visa, if it is required for your trip.

7. We recommend that you talk to your medical provider regarding travel immunizations and vaccines for your specified area of travel.

a. Although we do not require immunizations, we highly encourage you to check with your doctor or Governmental Travel Department for recommended vaccinations and medicines.

8. Have your entire payment uploaded on your W|W GiveEffect Campaign page NO LATER THAN 60 DAYS PRIOR to your departure date.

a. This means any time between when you have been accepted and the 60-day mark.

b. All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMX).

c. You may send a check to the main W|W office, but cards are preferred. Checks must be in our office by the 60-day mark.

9. Check with the Volunteer Coordinator before making your flight arrangements, but once you have received confirmation to purchase your flight, submit your flight information HERE.

Look over all resources given by this Guidebook, as well as the additional resources (i.e. InfoBook, Websites, and Travel Advice).

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at: | o: 828.355.9655

*Email if you are interested in the donations list or creating a children’s program*

Typical Trip Schedule

Day 1

PM: Fly to Bogota (BOG)

Day 2

Fly from Bogota to Leticia (LET)

Boat ride to the village

Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Work in the village — well repairs. Likely we will do 2–3 repairs. It could all be in the same village or it could be in 3 different nearby communities. We also generally distribute sawyer filters and do the WaSH program in this community (communities) too.

Day 8

Visit Puerto Alegria — Jungle Animals

Travel back to Leticia

Day 9

Fly from Leticia (LET) to Bogota (BOG)

Visit Monseratte



Day 10

Fly from Bogota back home

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we pack?
Work clothes, face masks, shorts, warm jackets, toiletries, notebooks, reusable water bottles (we recommend that each person brings two), sunscreen, towels, camera (optional), hat, sunglasses, flashlight/headlamp, personal medications, and your passport.

What airport should we fly into?
Bogota, Colombia (BOG) then Aeropuerto Internacional Vasquez Cobo Airport in Leticia, Colombia (LET).

Is there an age requirement?
Individual: As an individual, you are required to be age 18 or older.
Group: Age requirements are dependent on the leader of the group. Keep in mind that Wine To Water requires that anyone age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Is there a dress code?
Outdoor Service Activities: WOMEN & MEN, in order to be safe at the work site and during all outdoor activities, we require that you wear long pants.
Swimming: WOMEN, we ask that you wear a t-shirt and shorts over your bathing suits and MEN, we ask that you wear shorts or long bathing suit shorts (No Speedos).

What are the living conditions like?
We have the exciting opportunity to experience the raw nature of the jungle! In this rustic environment, you will live like the natives: no air conditioning, no hot water, and no WiFi. Your sleeping arrangements will also be like the locals: you will be sleeping in hammocks or on a floor pad (if you can’t bear the hammocks).

Will a children’s program need to be prepared? If so, for how many children? What ages?
Yes! Prepare for the unknown! Children’s programs can either be inside or outdoors, depending on what the weather allows. Normally a village will have around 50 children of all ages. The children’s program should be around 1 hour or less. We encourage volunteers to be creative with instructive games, language songs, crafts, drama, etc.

Do we need a visa to enter the country?
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after entering the country. You do not need to apply for a visa upon entrance, but you will be given a tourist visa for 30–90 days for FREE at the airport’s immigration booth.

What vaccinations and medications are needed?
As an organization, we do not require that you receive any vaccinations for your trip. However, we strongly recommend that volunteers check We highly recommend that you check with your doctor (ideally 4–6 weeks before departure) for any personal medications or recommendations, letting them know when you will be traveling and your destination.

What is the recommended group size? Is there a maximum or minimum number?
We can host anywhere between 7–20 volunteers, depending on what project or village a trip has as their destination. If we are strictly working on water projects, the maximum group size will be around 10. We can usually host around 20 volunteers for church groups wanting to do ministry alongside the water projects.

What is the weather like?
We recommend checking the weather online before you travel. Trips between August and November can reach temperatures up to 120 degrees! However, the average temperature is around 80 degrees. For one week in June each year, temperatures can reach as low as 40 degrees.

What will meals be like?
Since Leticia is on the border of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, there will be a variety of typical foods to try. You can possibly have a meal from each country all in one day! Most of the meals will contain chicken, yuccas, plantains, fish, piranha, and, of course, rice.

Will there be snacks to purchase?
We recommend bringing snacks from home as there will be very little to purchase in the villages.

Is there a way to contact home?
We encourage you to “unplug” as much as possible while serving on your volunteer trip. If internet is available, we ask you limit your time online so you can fully engage in your experience. Once leaving the city, you will be cut off from the rest of the world. Site leaders will be able to contact home in case of emergencies but volunteers will have no communication available after leaving the city.

Are the electrical outlets the same as they are in the US?
Outlets in North America, Colombia and Brazil are 110 volts. In Peru the voltage is 220v. Even though the outlets are generally the same size (2-pronged) some appliances may “explode” if used with the inappropriate voltage. You can find your appliance’s voltage on its warning label. Please leave your hairdryers and curling irons at home.

What type of payments are accepted in country?
Please bring clean US dollars (torn bills or bills with markings will most likely not be accepted). Smaller bills ($20 or less) are preferred. Credit and Debit cards are accepted only in select locations and there will be a small international fee for using an ATM. We do not recommend checks, travelers’ checks, or money orders as they are difficult to use.

If you are curious about exchange rates between the US, Peru, Brazil, and/or Colombia, we recommend that you take a look at these at The Money, as these can change daily.

What can a team bring to donate?
Our ground team will send a wish list to Wine To Water periodically. For an updated list, please contact


Hotel Shalom
Carrera 80b #24d 45 barrio Modelia
Bogota, Colombia
Tel +57 300.209.8880