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About Wine To Water

Wine To Water’s US staff, although small in number, shares a huge passion for bringing clean water to folks in need. Our passion unites us and brings us joy as we work with our local partners on the ground. Wine To Water has worked in 25 countries and have provided clean water to over 600,000 people since our inception. We find it a privilege to currently work in 5 regions (The Amazon, Dominican Republic/Haiti, East Africa, Nepal and Cambodia) to support over 30 field staff on 4 continents, as we all work hard to fight this epidemic together.

Our Mission

Wine To Water is committed to serving in community to provide water to those in need.

What We Do

Each project is unique, but the common theme is that we use local people in each country. We develop leaders in the community and educate them on proper water and sanitation methods to promote sustainability. Our work empowers the local community to help them meet their ongoing needs.


in our work is ensuring that the proper type of water system is used for each specific community.

Our methods include shallow & deep wells, well repairs, ceramic water filters, bio-sand filters, Sawyer filters, and rain-water harvest tanks.

We also improve sanitation using latrine and hygiene education.

We use local materials whenever possible.

We monitor and report on all our projects.

We are constantly developing our programs and striving for more efficient systems.

We have water projects in 25 countries

Belize, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, United States, Vietnam, ZimbabweHow We Began

Doc Hendley is the founder and international president of Wine To Water. In 2003 he dreamed up the concept of the organization while bartending and playing music in nightclubs around Raleigh, North Carolina. The first fundraiser was held in January of 2004 and by August of that year, Doc was living in Darfur, Sudan installing water systems for victims of the government supporting genocide. When Doc returned home in August of 2005, the haunting memories of what he had seen in Darfur drove him to continue building the organization he had started two years earlier.

In 2007, Wine To Water became an official 501(c)3 non-profit. In 2009, Doc and the work of the Wine To Water team was recognized by the CNN Heroes program, launching the organization’s efforts globally. Doc’s dream, and the goal of Wine To Water, is to quench the thirst of those in need.

The W|W team (missing Courtney Mattar, Emma Henry, and Doc Hendley)

Meet the Wine To Water Team:

Madi Barker

After interning as the Operations Intern during her final semester at Appalachian State University, Madi accepted the offer to come on board as the Development Manager. She works primarily to empower our professional chapters across the country to engage their communities in serving those in need. She is passionate about understanding others and finding ways to connect people’s strengths and skills to transform lives with clean water.

Katy Cook

Katy is a native to Boone, NC and graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Public Relations, Nonprofit Management. She first began volunteering with Wine To Water in high school and is one of our longest-serving supporters. With a passion to organize and create efficient systems, she came on staff in April 2015 as the Administrative Director.

David Cuthbert

David is a former Navy Special Operations Officer and currently serves as the CEO. He joined W|W in September 2014, inspired by its team and purpose to serve others. He loves to be a part of a team committed to doing something great.

Josh Elliott

Josh began volunteering with Wine To Water as a student in 2009. He started the first W|W student club at Appalachian State University. Today, he serves as the International Operations Director and ​insures that all ​of our ​projects ​are implemented in an empowering way. He is dedicated to building the Wine To Water community, sharing our story, helping folks in need, and riding his Harley as much as possible while doing it.

Jason English

Jason serves as the lead pastor of The Heart Church in Boone and is an instructor in Communications at Appalachian State University. He has a heart for people and reaching them right where they are while encouraging them to be who God created them to be. Aligning with his passions, Jason serves the staff of W|W with personal encouragement, biblical wisdom, and spiritual guidance.

Doc Hendley

As a student trying to find his calling, Doc learned about the global water crisis while balancing his studies with bar-tending in Raleigh, NC. Captured by the cause, he decided to take action the way he knew best: pouring drinks and playing music for a benefit event. After the surprisingly large success of his first event, Doc found himself in the heart of the Darfur war conflict in 2004 serving to provide water to those in desperate need.

Upon returning to the US, Wine To Water was born in Boone, NC. Since his initial efforts, Doc has traveled around the world helping combat the water crisis, impacting both our local communities and those abroad. He is relentless in his pursuit to ensure clean water to those in need.

Emma Henry

Emma started with Wine to Water in July of 2017 as the Volunteer Program Manager. She is originally from New Hampshire and moved to Boone in 2014 with her husband, Tom. For the past 7 years Emma has worked in both the corporate and non-profit world developing and implementing staff and volunteer trainings. She has experience in traveling both domestically and internationally to train staff and lead volunteer programs. Emma is very passionate about living in community and caring for the needs of others.

Shane Hillman

Shane started working with Wine To Water in the fall of 2015 as the Program Development Manager. In addition to helping maintain international operations, Shane is our personal chocolatier and loves making healthy, organic Community Well chocolate to raise funds for water projects.

Eric Huxley

Eric serves as the Director of Operations. Originally from California, Eric has lived and worked extensively throughout Central and South American and the Caribbean on various development and relief projects. He studied Geography and Development as an undergrad at the University of California at San Diego and later as a graduate student at the University of Arizona. He is passionate about serving in community to practically meet the needs of people throughout the world. Eric currently lives in Boone with his wife and two young daughters.

Kaylie Kushmer

Kaylie was born and spent the majority of her life in Tampa, FL and found out about Wine To Water through a Just One Shift event there. She served in the Amazon with W|W in the fall of 2014 and her heart and global perspective was forever changed. She created the Tampa chapter of W|W in March of 2015, took another volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic in October of 2015 and has held fundraisers to support the clean water missions. With a very diverse background focused on building relationships, she has recently come on board the W|W staff as the Volunteer Program Coordinator. She will be leading trips into the field as she helps grow this integral part of the organization.

Courtney Mattar

While a student at Appalachian State University, Courtney began hosting small fundraisers for Wine To Water after witnessing the water crisis first hand in Ghana. Her passion to serve and help fight the water crisis led Courtney to start the W|W High Country Chapter in 2015 and now he serves as the Donor Relations Coordinator. Courtney resides in Boone with her husband and daughter.

Lisa Merritt

Lisa currently lives in Raleigh, NC and serves as the Director of Volunteer Programs. She has been coordinating volunteers internationally since 2005 and is passionate about connecting people to service opportunities around the world, while exposing them to the global water crisis.

Tina Owen

Tina has worked with incredible non-profits around the globe and in North Carolina. She recently volunteered in the Dominican Republic with Wine To Water for five months as part of a family sabbatical with her husband and three teenage children. Having lived in rural Africa, Central America, and the Dominican Republic; she is passionate about building partnerships and leveraging resources so together we can be part of community transformation in our own neighborhoods and around the world. She now serves as the Director of Grants and Fund Development for Wine To Water.

Matt Wagoner

Matt is originally from South Carolina, but moved to Boone after falling in love with his wife, Ashley. He loves outdoor activities, good food, and creating new things. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his new baby girl. He is the owner of Fire Tower Creative and came to Wine To Water to help capture stories that motivate change in the world.

The Global Water Crisis

Out of the 7.3 billion people on earth, 2.5 billion lack access to basic sanitation and 783 million lack access to clean water. Every 20 seconds a child dies of a waterborne illness and 443 million school days are lost each year from water related illnesses.

Since 2004, Wine To Water has provided over 600,000 people with access to clean water.


Motto: “Nation, Religion, King.”

Capital: Phnom Penh

Population: 14,952, 644

Currency: Riel

Religion: Theravada Buddhism

Government Structure: Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

Total GDP: $36,540 Billion

Per Capita: $2,395

Official Language: Khmer

Popular Sports: Football (Soccer)

Staple Foods: Rice Fish, Curry and Bread

Major Exports: Clothing, Timber and Rubber

Major Imports: Petroleum Products, Cigarettes and Gold

Meet the Kone Kmeng Team

Pang Sophany, Founder/Director

This Cambodia-born entrepreneur worked with YWAM, Tearfund and Samaritan’s Purse before starting his own organization. He is now fundraising and managing all aspects of Kone Kmeng in Cambodia.

Keo “Ya” Chakrya, Relief & Development Program Assistant

He is passionate about seeing the impoverished communities in Cambodia improve their economic standards. He also deeply desires to see Cambodian children live and thrive in a safe environments without exploitation and abuse while receiving an education.

Savuth Lo, Relief & Development Manager

Born and raised in Cambodia, Savuth serves as the Relief and Development Assistance and Program Manager for Kone Kmeng. He supervises the clean water and sanitation projects and is able to lean into his experience from World Vision, World Relief, and AMADE as he leads in Kone Kmeng.

Setha Prum, Provincial Facilitator

Setha serves as the Provincial Facilitator and leads field teams to drill wells and install latrines. He also helps to communicate with local churches about CWS projects.


Day 1

PM: Fly into Phnom Penh (PNH)

Day 2

AM: Team Orientation and Currency Exchange
PM: History tour of Phnom Penh

Day 3

AM: Travel to Svay Rieng Province
PM: Staff, Site and Province Orientation

Day 4

AM: Former Beneficiaries Follow-Up
PM: Former Beneficiaries Follow-UP

Day 5

AM: Dig a Latrine
PM: WASH Program- Hygiene Lessons

Day 6

AM: Dig a Well
PM: Service Activities for Children- WASH

Day 7

AM: Water Project/Service Activities
PM: Water Project/Service Activities

Day 8

AM: Pack Up- Return to Phnom Penh
PM: RDI (Water Lab)

Day 9

AM: Final Debrief
PM: Pack, Shop, Depart

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a team pack?
Work clothes, shorts, warm jacket, toiletries, notebook, reusable water bottle, closed toed work shoes (tennis shoes are fine), sunscreen, towels, camera (optional), hat, sunglasses, personal medications, and passport.

Which airport should we plan to fly into?
Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH)

Is there a dress code?
We ask that men and women dress modestly-no shorts.

Will a children’s program need to be prepared?
Yes! Children’s programs are available and you should plan them ahead of time! There can be anywhere from 300–500 children all at one time, ages 6–15 years of age. Any creative activity indoors or outdoors would be great.

Do we need a visa to enter your country?
Yes. You can apply online or at the airport upon arrival. NOTE: if you decide to apply at the airport in Cambodia, you must have your passport and a passport size photo with you in-hand. Either way, you will have to pay $20 USD for a 30-day tourist visa.

Is there an age requirement?
Individual: As an individual, you are required to be age 18 or older.
Group: Age requirements are dependent on the leader of the group. Keep in mind that Wine To Water requires anyone age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

What vaccinations and medications are needed?
We recommend that you check with your doctor (ideally 4–6 weeks before departure) for any personal medications, letting them know where and when you will be traveling.

Required Vaccinations and Medications:
-Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine
-Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine
-Hepatitis A and B
-Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine
-Malaria medicine (taken orally before, during, and after your trip)

Recommendations for other medications:
-Diarrhea/Stomach medication
-Anything for dehydration

What is the recommended group size? Is there a maximum or minimum number?
Our partnering organization, Kone Kmeng, can host a team up to 15 people at a time.

What are the living conditions like?
In Phnom Penh, the team will stay at Kone Kmeng’s guesthouse, which is called the Green Pasture Inn. Here you will have access to hot water, air conditioning, WiFi, towels and pillows. You will most likely share a room with another guest in twin-sized beds, but there are a few rooms with double beds for single occupants.

When you travel to the province of Svay Rieng, the team will stay at a guesthouse or hotel, which will have very similar accommodations to the Green Pasture Inn.

What is the weather like?
We recommend checking the weather online before traveling. The average temperature is around 75 degrees.

What will meals be like?
Khmer food normally consists of fried foods, soup with meats (chicken, beef, pork and fish), and rice. Breakfast is normally served with noodle soup, pork-fried rice, and chicken. Western-style food is available in the city.

Will there be snacks to purchase?
There will be a few opportunities to purchase snacks with your own spending money. We also recommend buying only packaged items or bringing snacks from home.

Is there a way to contact the US?
We encourage you to unplug while you are on your service trip. Even if internet is available, we ask that time spent online is kept to a minimum, so that you can fully engage in the experience. In case of emergency, Skype is available for team leaders as well as limited phone calls.

Are the electrical outlets the same as they are in the US?
The electrical system in Cambodia has a conglomeration of various plugs and sockets. The only thing consistant is the 220V and 50Hz. Even though the outlets may seem similar to the US (2-prong plug-in) some appliances can “explode” if they are not used with a proper adapter or converter. You will need to check on the actual appliance to see what the voltage is. Most cameras, phones, and other appliances are around 240v.

The type of sockets: Simple plug adapters are can cost as little as $.50 USD. Voltage converters are also available and prices vary depending on quality, most of them being made in China.

What type of payments are accepted in country?
The U.S. dollar can be used almost anywhere in Cambodia (preferably smaller bills $1, $5, $10 and $20) Cambodian currency is Riel. The exchange rate is 4,000 Riels per $1 USD.

What can a team bring to donate?
Kone Kmeng will send a wish list to Wine To Water periodically. For an updated list contact

Volunteer Opportunities

Cambodia has a rich and powerful history that plays a significant role in Wine To Water’s projects. When you sign up for a trip to Cambodia, you will learn about the implications of the recent genocide, then head into the rice fields of Svay Rieng where you will provide a well for a family. Volunteers will also be able to built a latrine for a family, teach hygiene lessons, follow-up will previous well/latrine beneficiaries, build relationships with dorm students as you teach English, and tour the water sanitation plant, RDI, in the city of Phnom Penh. An unforgettable experience!

Contact Information

Wine To Water

Lisa Merritt
Volunteer Program Director
770.851.4132. (US Cell)

Emma Henry
Volunteer Programs Manager
603.667.7223 (US Cell)

David Cuthbert
President and CEO
747 West King Street, Suite #200
Boone, NC 28607 USA

Kone Kmeng Office

Sophany Pang
Skype: pang.sophany

Keo Chakrya

Savuth Lo
Skype: vuth.lo


#44CEo, St, 454
Sankat Toul Tompong II, Khan Chamkamon,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia