RCRT & WTW Annual Summary

One of the poorest countries in Asia, Cambodia was racked by genocide during the reign of the communist guerilla group Khmer Rouge. From 1975 to 1979, nearly two million people were killed in an effort to abolish money, private property and religion. A monarchy was re-established in 1993, but the scars of the Khmer Rouge are still present in Cambodia’s deep poverty and dependence on subsistence farming. As a result, much of the population relies on contaminated water, resulting in a constant battle with disease and death. Wine To Water drills new wells, construct latrines and distribute ceramic water filters to bring clean, safe water to communities.

Still recovering from years of civil war and genocide, much of the Cambodian population still struggles with water access and improved sanitation. Families in poverty often get their water from polluted ponds and rivers: water sources that are a breeding ground for infectious diseases. More than 10,000 die from water-related illnesses each year, many of them children under the age of 5.

RCRT & WTW Coming Together:

The RCRT Foundation and Wine To Water have spent the year of 2016 working together to bring safe drinking water to communities within the Svay Rieng region of Cambodia. This is accomplished through the construction of borehole water wells, building sanitary latrines and distribution of ceramic water filters, as well as sanitation and hygiene education programs.

One of the longest running Wine To Water project sites, we are seeing the impact that clean water can have in transforming communities. Today, 35,000 Cambodians now have access to clean water and/or improved sanitation through the Wine To Water community.

In 2017, WTW will continue working in the three provinces of Svay Reing, Banteay Meanchey and Kompong Thom. We will bring safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to children and families that are suffering from diarrhea and other health issues due to water contamination.

2016 Impact Summary:

Throughout the year, Wine To Water drilled 90 new wells that are now providing 1948 adults and 3124 children access to water throughout the year. This provides families with a a means for sustainable living. They now have enough water to meet basic needs such as: drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, and basic farming. No longer will these people have to ration out scarce water resources.

Having access to water however, does not guarantee freedom from water borne illness. It is imperative to practice a form of household water treatment in conjunction with safe water storage. For this WTW provided 1613 adults and 2743 children with 600 ceramic water filtration systems. These are simple micro-porous ceramic pot filters infused with antimicrobial nanosilver particles that provide an entire family with safe drinking water. These filters are long-lasting and are simple to clean and maintain.

To provide more reliable hygiene and sanitation, families must have access to a latrine. Improved sanitation is greatly needed in Cambodia. The WTW team has constructed 99 latrines that are serving 279 adults and 1934 children. Latrine access greatly reduces the spreading of disease and reduce the risk of water contamination.

In conjunction with the new technologies provided, WTW works to train individual community health leaders to conduct health workshops that focus on topics such as water, sanitation, solar water disinfection and diarrheal treatment using Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS). Throughout Svay Reing, community health leaders conducted a total of 624 workshops with 9901 participants.

On behalf of Wine To Water & the people of Cambodia, We would like to thank RCRT for their partnership with this program. Thanks to the support of RCRT, a total of 11,641 individuals have had their lives transformed through the provision of water and improved sanitation & hygiene. Together, we can work to end the world’s water crisis.

“…water is the start of transformation.”



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Wine To Water™ is committed to serving in community to provide clean water to those in need.