The Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement ServiceSource Update:

Uganda Filter Distribution Dec 2016

In 1990, the Ugandan government allocated the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement for the Acholi people who were fleeing persecution in Sudan. Wine To Water first arrived to this camp in January of 2015 to assess the conditions of the camp. Since then, 40 thousand refugees have arrived to this crowded, under resourced camp bringing the population to a total of 80,000.

It was found that many of the borehole wells were in disrepair and that water access was extremely limited. The few functioning wells are shallow and in close vicinity to open pit latrines adding risk to contamination.

Wine To Water CEO, David Cuthbert demonstrating the safety of the Sawyer filter.

In December 2016, Wine To Water and our corporate filter partners helped us to deliver 1000 Sawyer pointONE filtration systems to the individuals living at the camp. These filters will provide 12,663 individuals with safe drinking water. No longer will these families have to worry about giving their children polluted water.

Thanks to ServiceSource, Securian, DHL, and Entrepreneurs Organization for making this happen!