How to Pack Garbage Bags When Moving

Boxes are the go-to items for moving, but boxes can sometimes come at a price. Moving is expensive enough and using garbage bags is one way to save on packaging. Garbage bags are very handy because they can be used in many different ways. If you’re moving soon, don’t pack away your garbage bags. It’s time to rethink your moving strategy by putting those bags to use. So here are some helpful tips on how to use garbage bags.

How to Choose the Right Garbage Bags

When you’re shopping, pay attention to the kind of garbage bags you’re buying because they come in different sizes and strength levels. Also, you should avoid buying inexpensive, generic trash bags because they could easily break. Instead, buy high-quality trash bags from brands like Hefty. Normally, the size and thickness of the bag is an indicator of its durability. So choose the largest size in order to have the storage space and quality you need. To ensure having the best durability, consider buying outdoor bags because they’re meant to haul heavy loads.

What to Pack in Garbage Bags

Place soft items such as blankets, sheets, pillows, and towels in garbage bags. You can even throw in your clothes and shoes. Generally, when packing clothes, make sure to pack the ones you wouldn’t mind getting wrinkled during the move; and if you have heels, make sure they aren’t sharp enough to rip the bag. More importantly, don’t pack valuable and breakable items in the bag, and you should avoid packing books because it will weigh the bag down, and it will be difficult to carry.

Tips for Packing with Garbage Bags

Moving Clothes

To pack the clothes in your closet, gather 5–10 hanging items, and tie a twist tie around the hook. Then make a small hole in the bottom of the bag towards the center, and then place the hooks through the hole. Lastly, pull the garbage bag down over the clothes and tie the open end or tape it shut.

Line Boxes with Garbage Bags

Cut a garbage and place it at the bottom of your box. The lining will provide some insulation for your belongings and provide some protection during bad weather. Although using a garbage is helpful, packing paper and bubble wrap are the best choices to line the bottom and sides of your boxes.

Cover Your Floor with Garbage Bags

Movers, including yourself, will be going in and out of your house or apartment. If the weather is bad, you don’t want to track mud, dirt, or snow inside, especially on carpeted floors. So take precaution and cover the floor, and then use masking tape to hold the bags in place so no one slips.

Pack your Plants in Garbage Bags

Obviously, houseplants can’t be placed in a box, but you can easily carry them in a bag; simply place the pot in the bag while leaving the plant exposed to prevent suffocation. Keeping the pot in a bag will prevent you from spilling soil during the move.

Shipping supplies in garbage bags has its advantages. Using them allows you to pack and move your belongings quickly. Also, unlike boxes, using garbage bags frees up space in your car and retal truck. Hopefully, you found these tips helpful and put them to use when you move.