Women are drinking more, but you’re missing the point
Soumya Jyoti

I am one of many women on the Hello Sunday Morning website who developed a high risk dependency on daily drinking around the age of forty five. When I realized that I needed to stop I considered AA or rehab but could not conceive of taking out time from my busy life as a professional and a parent. I was also very uncomfortable with the stigma that goes with the label “alcoholic” and was not ready to expose my secret by taking time for one of the more traditional types of treatment and “recovery” .

I’m over 18 months sober thanks to the vibrant, creative, intelligent community on Hello Sunday Morning .

There are many women like me on HelloSundayMorning and together with the equally supportive men in our on line community we figure out our own rules, do our own research, share our experiences, our disappointments and triumphs AND we heal .

Self destructive drinking is joyfully encouraged by the media and culture throughout the English speaking world. Over the past twenty “ Mommy Juice Wine ” ,“SkinnyGirl cocktails ” and “Anti-aGin ” have been marketed aggressively to women. Alcorexia is now a terrifying trend among young women in the US and Ireland. Starve all day and drink all night.

Thanks to the Hello Sunday Morning web site , one by one, women and men, old , young and in between, from Australia to Canada, are taking control of how we chose to drink OR chose to stop.