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Due to unanticipated events this quarter the release took a bit longer and includes a lot more features than we had planned. We’ve launched a first work-in-progress version of our new quality assurance feature, added CAP 168 🇬🇧 support for airfield guidance signs, and, for the first time we’ve adapted our sign engine for something other than airport signs. So we’re excited about that.

To see the entire list of updates, click the link below:
Release notes for version 0.8.0 (0.8.1)

Compliance report

Wingframe users can now try our new quality assurance feature — something we call “Compliance Report”. In terms of…

In this release the main focus was on compliance related updates. ICAO and FAA standards are complete, and we took some big steps in quality assurance, which you can read about below. Unfortunately this won’t be accessible for users until version 0.8.0.

To see the entire list of updates, click the link below:

Release notes for version 0.7.0

New signs

In this release we have implemented “dynamic rendering” of signs. A feature required for some symbols in ICAO and FAA. Our list of FAA signs have been updated and now includes compliant versions of:

  • Runway Safety Area / OFZ and Runway Approach…

Most of the work in this release went into the site wide implementation of invitations. You can now invite your coworkers to join your organization or project. An important feature in Wingframe, to say the least.

With this feature came the need for implementing access rights for users to various pages. If you create a project for an organization, the other members of it need access too. But if you decide to invite a client via email to this project, his or her access should be limited to that specific project.

There where many cases to consider so implementation took…

Recorded a quick screen capture video demonstrating the basics of drawing signs in Wingframe. Click “Add”, select sign type, open up the editor and make some changes. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Features shown in this video:

  • Public drawing tool — anyone can start drawing immediately and share their list of signs with suppliers, for example.
  • ICAO signs — Mandatory Instruction signs, No Entry sign, Gate / Stand identification signs, VOR checkpoint signs.
  • Edit message content, legend height and panel size.
  • Drag & drop signs in your list.

Stay put for more videos with features in Wingframe — more standards, grid view, project management, etc.

We hired an animator on fiverr to produce an explainer video for Wingframe. The result was great and the video will be featured on our website soon. Please watch it and let us know what you think.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but now we’ve finally launched our beta version of Wingframe. Check it out at

As such, we’re currently looking for beta testers. In particular, if you’re currently in this line of work (airfield sign supplier/buyer/engineer) and would benefit from a service like this, we would really appreciate it if you could join our focus group. You’ll be using the service for free until official release. Contact us at or any of our other channels: facebook, twitter, reddit.

For most of you who are not in this line of work, we would…


A web-2-print solution for standards compliant signs

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