In order to be a successful artist, you have to go through different tests and processes. You can’t just be a self-proclaimed one. Each group conducted an interview with their chosen artists and the three persons whom I picked are Mr. Rolly Susmeña, a painter; Mrs. Nova Villa, a well-known comedian; and Mr. Bayani Rumbaoa, a coin engraver.

First of all, I want to start this with the artist, whom we interviewed. Rolly Susmeña is a painter who works in a gallery, located inside a mall at Las Piñas City. Just like any other artists, he sells his artworks for a living. He also stated that us, students should think outside the box. Despite all the obligations that he has to do in order to serve his family, Rolly still managed to overcome those trials. The next one is Nova Villa. I’ve seen her plenty of times on tv, making audiences laugh as we all know. She never fails to put smile on our faces. What makes her valuable is her passion towards her career in the showbiz industry. Can you believe it? this artist still has show appearances up to now. Lastly is Bayani “Yannie” Rumbaoa, he is the engraver who designed our Philippine peso coin. His perseverance in various things brought him to the point where he is now.

What made them similar is they love what they do. How will you excel in a field that you dislike? Having passion towards something is a great way to have more time with ourselves. Each one of us suffers in different trials and tests, but with these attributes, it makes everything more comfortable. These kind of people give huge contributions in our society. Not only for function, but even for enhancement. They are different from each other because of their diverging careers which led them to their different positions.

22 January 2016 • 3:14 PM • SM Southmall
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