Corporate innovation has been growing in recent years and a variety of players are increasing their investments in this space. However, one of the key success factor behind these innovation programs remained under appreciated: performance metrics. What are the key metrics to measure the success of a corporate innovation program?

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In this article, we explore 5 key points in relations to performance metrics in relations to corporate innovation programs:

  1. Metrics before launch:

Rule number 1 is to agree on the metrics for success prior to getting started. …

Whether it is for getting your business idea off the ground, growing your startup or expanding your business abroad, one of the most important document you will create is your business plan.

It is the central place where you share all the important information about your new venture — the ideas behind your business, what you’re going to sell, your business model, your potential audience, marketing, finances, projections, and more. It represents both a map for the future and a high-level action plan of how you will get there. …

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The Report

In collaboration with University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies (“UCL CBT”) and the Retail Blockchain Consortium (“RBC”), we assisted in the development of a 60+ page market report focused at the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”) in physical supply chains. The report takes a comprehensive analysis on the state of DLT, including the study of over 100 different global projects across startups, corporates, consortia and government institutions. The focus sectors include grocery, fashion and healthcare within key application areas such as:

  • Tracing (product provenance)
  • Logistics
  • Financial transactions
  • Retail operations
  • Circular economy

The Retail Blockchain Consortium


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With the skills gap widening as a result of rapid technological progression, competition for talent is intensifying and businesses are now increasingly aware of the importance of successful talent acquisition and retention strategies. We note that over a third of Fortune 500 executives now cite finding talent as their most significant managerial challenge, however, 82% of these do not believe that they are currently able to recruit the right people.

It is time to get your talent acquisition right

From our experience, we highlight three key advice for startups and corporates who ware looking to develop an innovative blended talent…

Forbes China named the 50 most innovative companies in China in July 2019. The list highlights innovative business models across 14 sectors including (% represents % of companies listed in the sector with top 4 sectors highlighted in bold):

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Retail (8%), logistics (8%), entertainment (12%), online education (10%), cloud computing (8%), robotics (10%), smart living (4%), Artificial Intelligence (4%), Fintech (4%), blockchain (4%), healthcare (14%), autonomous vehicle (6%), telecommunication (4%) and new energy vehicles (4%).

A summary of the full list with one line overview, associated sector and associated link as follows;

  • 17Edtech — Operates under the brand “17zuoye” as…

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Understanding Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency

The announcement of the global cryptocurrency Libra is a significant milestone in the development of money and financial services. Here’s 5 thing to know about it:

Generally speaking, individuals change jobs five to seven times during their working life. Primary drivers can include a change in career goals or values, looking for a new environment or working with new people.

The process can be overwhelming as you are generally leaving your comfort zone and stepping into the unknown. Here are five tips from our experience on considerations when embarking on a career change and understanding how to secure your next job.

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  1. Understand your own motivation

The first consideration is to ask yourself why you want to make this change and whether this is the best time

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