All Your Space Are Belong To Us

The mighty Klingon Empire expanded

its sphere of influence by conquering

and incorporating numerous star systems.

This culture of conquest made the Empire

a major power in its region of the galaxy.

Their warrior heritage, thus when in battle,

the Klingons enact a strong assault

on enemies; overwhelming them

with brute force and intimidation.

Therapeutically demonstrating an

impression of innate military superiority.

Therefore, Klingons commonly assume

all space ultimately belongs to them.

That is why enemies are made for

subjugation or elimination, without mercy.

These combatants claim large amounts

of territory over the sectors engaged.

They became a major threat vector

to the adjacent nation states in the galaxy;

such as the United Federation of Planets.

Thematically, you are in the way

to destruction. You have no chance

to survive, make your time…



Sean Stubblefield

Sean Stubblefield

Indie sci-fi author advocating media literacy, metamodernist philosopher poet...