WingRiders Yield Farming Will Be Live from Day One of Mainnet Launch

  • This manual period begins on day 1 of the platform being live and ends Wednesday 20th April 2022 at 21:45 UTC.
  • During this period, 350,000 WRT will be allocated to liquidity providers who provide liquidity and keep their Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPT) deposited. Depositing of LPTs is done in the UI part of the app, in the “Farming” section in any of the available farms. The allocation algorithm will be announced after the IFE ends and we reserve the right to exclude participants who attempt to game the algorithm.
  • Everybody who provides at least 1000 ADA equivalent worth of liquidity in average in all snapshots to a pool with a farm will be eligible for a bonus. The details of the form of the bonus will be announced after the IFE ends.
  • During this period, the platform will take multiple snapshots of the deposited LPTs, then determine the average amount of liquidity the user provided during the IFE to create a baseline for the user’s reward eligibility and proportion.
  • This period will last from Wednesday 20nd of April 2022 21:46 UTC till 15th of May 2022 21:45 UTC.
    It will be divided into 5 epochs, each lasting 5 days and mirroring Cardano’s regular staking epochs.
  • During this 5-epoch period, 1,250,000 WRT will be allocated proportionally (250,000 WRT every 5 days) to everyone who provides liquidity and keeps their LPTs deposited in any of the available Farms. Depositing of LPTs is done in the UI part of the app covering Farming. If during this first month, the overall TVL exceeds $125 million for at least 3 consecutive days, an additional amount of up to 500,000 WR tokens will be allocated in the consecutive epochs.
  • These rewards will be calculated solely on the proportion of the liquidity of the pools the particular Liquidity provider holds, as represented by the LPTs bound to the holder’s wallet.
  • To ensure that rewards are allocated fairly (and to prevent anyone from ‘gaming the system’), only the minimum amount of LPTs deposited by a liquidity provider over the course of a 5-day epoch will be the baseline for calculating their rewards.



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