Qatar Airways — The World’s Hippest Airline Could Become India’s Newest!Does India Need A Foreign Airline?

A flurry of very positive news in the airline industry! When it rains, it pours & pours (and then we get floods)!

Finally! Yes, finally, long suffering airline passengers, after years & years of torment at the hands of airlines — shrinking baggage allowances, squeezed seats, disappearing meals, confusing boarding processes, shrieking kids on board get some positive news!

  • You can now travel first class at the price of business class, thanks to the revolutionary new Cute Seat!
  • Families get the chance to have a family meal together & catch up on quality time!
  • Couples now have their own very personal cabin!
  • The corporate suit, tie & briefcase types now can get back to their favorite pass-time of meetings, a few thousand feet up in the sky!
Thank you! Cute Seat!
  • not to be outdone, economy passengers do have the best seat pitch as well! (so please don’t complain!)

But something even better has happened for long suffering domestic passengers in one of the most “crowded” aviation markets of the world — India!

India is great again! (for flying I mean)

We finally getting our very own Flying Cow! What can be better than this!!

Good times ahead for the Indian traveler! Let’s have a quick overview of what’s in store — positives :-), challenges :-( & questions?


1. New, rich kid on the block — will push service & competition levels a few notches up (good for passengers, but what about other airlines?). Looking at current growth levels, plenty of passengers to keep everyone happy! Stop complaining about the 5/20 rule!

2. Welcome investment — finally significant investment in the long neglected aviation sector. A vindication of the government policy & a pat on the back for all the initiatives being put in place.

3. World class service — Indian domestic passengers will finally get a taste of legendary premium service. Premium seats, great good, plenty of IFE!!!! (Service on the ground can also be expected to be world class — with limos for premium passengers to & from the airport)

4. Buy domestic, fly international — earn miles on domestic flights, fly international free, seamlessly leverage a global network. Indians will now truly have the world before them!

Challenges (for the Flying Cow)

1. Domestic airline experience — A very experienced international long haul player; but will find the domestic Indian market a very different ball game (soccer not so popular! we love games of the cricketing kind- tests, one days, 20/20)

2. Infrastructure — will remain a challenge at least for the next 10 years for airports in India

3. Bureaucracy — could put a few hurdles before launch as well as after launch (We call it maroon tape)

4. Operating costs — will be different from where you are from Flying Cow! Manpower, fuel,……. (we don’t believe in subsidies)!

5. Management — It’s all about IST (Not Istanbul — but Indian stretchable time) — patience is a virtue from a cultural and operational perspective


1. Name & Logo — What will the airline be called & what will its logo look like? Two horns ………….

2. Business model — Business or super business?

3. Operational hub — will it be Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or how about Amaravathi? (Mr.Rao & Mr.Naidu don’t fight — compromise)

4. Profit or Not — does it matter?

5. When — please tell me when — When will it be launched? (Think Saudi Arabia)

6. What type — A320 or B737s or maybe some wide-body aircraft are well (some A350’s please for the great business first class)

7. How big — How soon will they be able to scale up in terms of their fleet? (100 aircraft, but how soon?)

And the biggest question of all (sorry, two big questions)

1. Will the government (I mean the Indian government) approve this 100% foreign owned airline?

2. What will happen to Maharaja?

Hold on! An afterthought…..
But do we actually need an airline at all to fly? We are going digital, right, right ???????