My Phone Died! I Died!

My phone died on me a few days ago. No, it was not the battery — I tried CPR with my power bank, but it just seemed too little to late! I wished I had acted earlier on the warning signs and had taken it for a thorough check up! I felt so guilty!

Guess, I will have the live with my regrets, at-least till the next model upgrade!

I had to find some alternate source of communication without my phone! Why not step out into the exciting, real world to see if there was someone I could connect with, communicate with! Sigh… how I missed the comfort of my phone!

Thought I would call a few friends from my neighbor's phone— but damn it, was unable to remember any of their phone numbers! For that matter, I can’t seem to even remember my own phone number, if you get my drift!

So used to emojis, I realized I needed to practice smiling and moving my lips in the mirror. It’s been such a long time since I spoke or smiled at another human being!

Practice completed, I gathered all my strength and stepped out into the wide wide world! It seemed much bigger & wider than my phone’s screen — the colors & graphics were so very vivid! Much more alive than my favorite you-tube videos!

Stepped out on to the road, and tried to make eye contact with people walking by — no success! Most people had their eyes & thumbs glued to their phones!

Walked into a fast food restaurant, hoping to make a “fast” connection. But all I got was time to place my order, before she barked — Next! Please move to the side, Sir — you are holding up the line! [Lady, this is not about your line, this is about my life & my phone]

I looked around and saw that everyone, yes everyone had a phone. The only odd person out was me. Yes me!!!!

I woke with a start, drenched in sweat! Realized that I was having a night-mare.
Reached out, found my phone and with a sigh of relief, realized that it was well & alive!

Are you like me, permanently attached to your phone! What would happen to you if your phone died, like it did in my dream!

I died virtually! You could too!

That was me being sarcastic, very sarcastic! We live in a world where our phones are never far from us, day or night! We have phones that our dust free, water-proof, drop-proof (maybe), loss proof. Phones that now can recognize us by just looking at us!

But this it have to be that way? We are a world addicted to our phones and it is an addiction that is changing we communicate, interact & express with each other — one human at a time!

Very soon, your phone could automatically reply to messages, post for you, do all your work for you, thanks to AI and all the other high new fangled technology out there, leaving you free to do other things!

But in the future, what could the other things be?