WHAT NEXT? The social media storm that United has faced is 100x times worse than the natural storm that Delta faced a few days ago! The amount of creativity, anger, scorn (& every other possible emotion) that was poured into making videos, taglines, articles, interviews, comments, tweets, posts ……… was mind-boggling.

An incident that lasted A FEW MINUTES involving an elderly man created collective, global outrage — hauling a mega-airline over very hot coals, prompting politicians, authorities (and everyone else in between) to take note & take action)!

If we put in even 20% of the energy as we did with the UNITED incident in addressing — ongoing conflicts (one which has killed more than 450,000 people till date & is still dragging on), gender & human inequalities, human trafficking, education, famine, climate change — the world would be a much much better place!

But then again SENSATIONALISM WINS, reality tends to lose — can we ever UNITE? We United for Dr.David on UNITED!

My question again — WHAT NEXT?