The Trump Generation — How today’s young will change the world
Ben Chapman

“Every day that passes with President Trump in office is another day for a young person to see the true horrors that unbridled Republicanism can bring upon a nation.”

But are you looking at the horrors that are being unleashed on us by the Democrats and those on the LEFT ???? What about all of the RIOTING , BURNING , LOOTING and PILLAGING that those on the LEFT that have been plaguing society with ???? What about those in the BLM that shouted “pigs in a blanket , fry them like bacon” or “what do we want… dead cops.. when do we want them…. now “ ….. or what about a LEFT Wing Nut that shoots at Republican Congressmen and had a HIT List of Republicans that he wanted to assassinate…….what about THOSE horrors propagated by the Left

What about all of the CORRUPTION that occurred during the Obama Administration…… the Obstruction of Justice by AG Lynch……Hillary’s email scandal……the CORRUPTIOPN at the Clinton Foundation and the kickbacks from Russia…..or Bill Clinton getting paid $500,000 to speak in Moscow……the relabeling of Susan Rice Unmasking operation to be protected in Obama’s Library for protection……Operation Fast and Furious …… Benghazi …… the DOJ labeling Fox’s James Rosen as an Enemy of the State for reporting on North Korea’s Nuclear arms build up…… or the DOJ’s tapping over 100 AP reporter’s phones……or the IRS profiling over 500 U.S. Organizations and Citizens tied to the Tea Party …. or the EPA Profiling “Conservative” companies for extra scrutiny… I could go on and on about the CORRUPTION that occurred under the Obama Administration…… but you get the point….. or do you ????

And today, we have these endless “witch hunts” that are propagated by the LEFT and their allies, the Pravda West Propaganda Media…. and after 10 months, the “Russian probe” has yielded NOTHNG…. You are being LIED to by the Pravda West Propaganda Media and YOU don’t even recognize it…… Stalin would be so PROUD !!! …..SAD…. so SAD…..

My parents were devout Democrats

I WAS a Democrat many many many years ago…… until I woke up and grew up and realized that with every passing year that they had made me less and less FREE….. Democrats are ALWAYS taking our rights as individuals and American Citizens away and forcing New LAWS and regulations on us. Today’s Democrats are no longer the party of JFK…… Today’s Democrats are FAR FAR to the LEFT of JFK’s Democrat Party……Considering JFK’s policies, he would be a Republican today….and he was the darling of Yesterday’s Democrats.

The old saying goes, “If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain”

Like I said…. I woke up and I grew up….. and I hope that YOUR generation does as well…

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