I Was Wrong about Trump Voters
Michael Baharaeen

For me, I think that Democrats need to take a long hard look at themselves.

For starters, Obama blaming Bush for 8 years was ridiculous….it showed his failure to lead.

Obama’s American Apology Tour and his constant Anti-Americanism wore thin on Patriotic Americans.

Obama’s continuous Anti-Military stance also wore thin on Patriotic Americans.

Obama’s Anti-Police stance also wore thin on Americans.

And then you have the Democratic Politicians that EMBRACED the (OWS) Occupy Wall Street movement that was destroying property, raping women, doing drugs, having sex in the open, littering, urinating everywhere, leaving feces everywhere ( including on top of cop cars), and threatening to fire bomb Maceys. Democrats didn’t denounce these actions, they EMBRACED them.

And workers in HASMAT suites entered the Oakland park to clean up the estimate 30 TONS of TRASH that was left by the OWS crowd……….

And then we had Democrats condemning and demeaning the intelligent and courteous Tea Party that left EVERY park CLEANER than when we got there.

And then you have the LEFT’s Anti-fa movement that have been acting like Hitler’s FASCIST “Brown Shirts” with all of their RIOTING, BURNING, LOOTING and PILLAGING……. again, they are EMBRACED by Democrat Politicians …..NOT Denounced by them..

And was it Hillary or Obama that stated that the BIGGEST Threat to America was the Republican Party ….. THINK about that comment for a moment….. Leaders in the Democrat Party believe that the Republican Party was the BIGGEST Threat to America….. NOT Russia, NOT China and NOT ISIS……but the Republican party…..

and then, there was Hillary labeling Trump supporters ( 1/2 of America ) as a Irredeemable Basket of Deplorables…….. and WE wore that Badge with Honor…

And then you have the the Black Lives Matter ( again embraced by Democrats ) that were shouting “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon” and “what do we want….dead cops….when do we want them…. now”

The CORRUPTION in the DOJ , ATF , IRS , EPA and BLM under the Obama administration has been STAGGERING….. if you have NOT seen it, then you have been wearing Blinders….

Obama “could have been” the Great Uniter……. but instead, he became the Divider-in-Chief driving Wedge after Wedge after Wedge into this country..

Is this what Today’s Democrat Party has become ??????

Both of my parents were devout Democrats…. and I was a Democrat once……but their Hatred and Decisiveness drove me away…..

And now, the shear lunacy on the Left with all of these Trump conspiracies is just that LUNACY…..

Please tell me that Democrats can do better……….