I’ve asked numerous conservatives, and have yet to find the first one NOT willing to admit they…

From a period between 2008–2015 ; 203,000 ‘criminal aliens’ are now in Texas jails for OVER 642,000 crimes…. 
This data was provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety….

I live 300 miles from the border here in Texas and in September2012, an illegal ( who had already been deported from here 3 times ) was convicted of raping a young mother at gun point in the next town over….he had only been in this country for 4 days this time. It took the combined efforts of 3 city police departments, 3 county sheriffs departments, the DPS, and the Texas Parks and Wildlife department with their helicopter to catch this guy.
Another ILLEGAL was caught raping an 11 year old girl 4 towns over…..

A few years ago, Raphiel Rezendez, better known as the RailRoad Killer and crossed the border at will, brutally MURDERED 3 people from my small home town, a beloved Reverend and his wife and the mother of a friend of mine. But he wasn’t convicted of those MURDERS, he was convicted for killing a lady doctor in Houston, and was later tied to another Murder here in Texas and to 2 in Kentucky…..

And THIS is 300 miles from the border, I can only imagine what is going on down at the border.

We need to MOVE Congress and the President to live within 2–3 miles of the border with NO security, and see just how quickly this OPEN Border and ILLEGAL Alien problem will be RESOLVED….

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