Tips to promote newly launch Mobile application

Mobile application has now a days become necessity for any business organisation to run successfully in marketplace and to continue its resistance in dynamically changing marketplace.

And that’s why all business whether they have website or not, now a days wants to have at least mobile application developed for their business.

And that is the reason person must be choosy to choose the best mobile application developer to get their app developer.

We all know various ways of promotion and running a website, like some of them are promoting it on social medial platforms via PPC(Pay Per Click),promoting it on google adwords , doing SEO(Search engine optimisation) for website.

But unfortunately the same does not exist in case of Mobile applications. Mobile application promotions gets limited to very few promotions strategies and some of the most common tested 100 % effective promotion strategies are listed below:

1)Content marketing:

Your app must have a good content published on google play store in order to get higher suggested downloads for app.Google loves unique and useful content in about us section of app .apk file upload on play store developer console , hence it is must to have a good unique attractive content for your application to rank higher on google play.Also not only on about us section of google play store ,but in your entire app you must have a good attractive content too that each and every person who downloads the app must find it useful and attractive ,because yo can’t get a good feedback on google play store until and unless people download the app.Also person must publish articles with app download link in order to et more downloads of app on article promotion sites like blogger or medium.Google have some internal policies to promote app and they are solely based on the type of content app is having, and that’s why content marketing is one of the most important thing to be focused on.

2)Google play advertising:

Google adwords is also applicable on google play store where you can pay per click for the application download and increase your downloads to gain good reputation.PPC(Pay Per Click) is affordable advertising media for best results.For instance you want to promote your website development business in google play store then you may go to google adwords ,choose the budget you want to pay per click for downloads, and pay the prepaid charges against the same.Google will only deduct from the prepaid account if some one click on the app download link promoted by you and hence this will definitely gets you more verified customers for business.

3)Facebook Advertising

You may have a business page on Facebook, and you may have promoted the same using promotion tabs on Facebook.Facebook has started a new era of advertising via specifically directing mobile user to go on mobile responsive sites or app and to redirect people using computer to go directly to computer version of sites. Although Facebook is too using Ppc in their advertisement , but now a days for a business categories similar to restaurants , online food ordering, online product selling ,Facebook is proven to be more effective market to advertise and gain customer online than any other advertising platform.

Hence we have discussed the most effective ways to advertise app in marketplace in order to gain more customers. However if any one of you are aware of some more common effective ways to advertise app both for android and iOS please mention in comment section below.

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