What a week

As a member of the LGBT community and a member of the armed forces community, I am a civilian contractor, this past week was a roller coaster. To start Trump bans transgender people serving in active duty, in a tweet. The same day the Department of Justice filed an Amicus Brief in an employment discrimination case based on sexual orientation. Not surprisingly the brief expresses the opinion that title Vii protections should not be extended to protect sexual orientation. Add to that the fiasco of healthcare in the senate, I’m glad the bill failed but I fear for the regions of the country where insurance is failing, and mad clown circus the white house has become and I can only look on stunned at the tragic state of affairs. Finally to top things off the president addressing the boy scouts encouraged them to disrespect our past president by booing him liberally and when addressing police encouraged them to rough up people being taken into custody.

“Experts” say all of this is a big distraction to divert public attention from the Russian investigations currently underway. Seriously, I understand the wheels of justice grind slowly and fine but we need to deal with the vote tampering and Russian collusion issues sooner rather than later. Other equally important issues are suffering because of the absurd behavior and interference of the investigations by the white house. The president is beginning to resemble a cornered rabid dog biting any bystander within reach. This week it was transgender people and the LGBT community.

Everyone should remember if they will do it to us they will do it to others. Witness the recent setbacks to mainline Republicans. The exit of Spicer and Priebus the last vestiges of the traditional GOP in leadership at the white house. It resembles an angry child eating it’s parents in a Greek tragedy. While everyone is singing “hey hey good bye” we should remember that this is our executive branch of government descending into chaos as it seeks to perpetuate it’s leaders irrational grandiose vision of nationalistic hatred.

I appreciate the courage of John McCain and the Joint Chiefs in standing up to the insanity on the hill and in the white house respectively. I hope they do not become targets of our immature, petulant and retaliatory President. I sincerely hope that our more rational leaders in the house, senate and executive branch finally speak out against President Trump and his followers destructive actions that leave real human suffering in its wake. This President in one week, endorsed discrimination based on gender identity, and sexual orientation, attempted to eliminate healthcare for millions of people, attempted to subvert a boy scout jamboree to his own political needs, gutted his staff, and publicly encouraged police brutality. This is not “Making America Great” it is destroying america by perverting our values to self interest of one person, Donald Trump. It is time, most people I know, progressive, conservative, gay or straight are appalled and weary of the President’s defective attempts to lead. If politicians stand up to the President and his bullying the people will support them. We need to use all legal means at our disposal to rid ourselves of this Presidency or at the very least contain it.

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