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Hi Dan, congrats on getting a redesign for such a good price. As a Graphic Designer by profession I feel sad when I read this post. I’ve often wondered who buys graphics from these kind of sites. To me, this is ice cold business. “I want some work done as cheap as possible. And then I don’t care about the rest”. Is that it? I wonder if thoughts like: “Oh, the person also need to pay tax and vat”, pops into mind? Or thoughts like: “I wonder how many times this person must to do this, in order to pay rent, computer, software + to get food on the table”. “Does these people have children to feed?” 🤔 I wonder myself who these people are and how they can keep prices this low. There is no naming of the creatives. I wonder why that is? What are their conditions when working like? Where are they actually seated? What would I be supporting? — All I can say for sure is, that I can’t compete with that because I do have a family to support.

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