Caffeine Headache by Dr Winni Lim Khoo

Caffeine can be a double-edged sword for those with headache. It can serve as a treatment or, in some cases, can cause withdrawal or a phenomenon known as medicine overuse or “rebound” headache. The important thing to remember is that with education and moderation, caffeine can be an effective treatment for headache.

You love your coffee, but it can be a cruel companion. For example, if you have two cups of coffee every day at 9 a.m., and then miss those cups when you oversleep on Saturday — boom! — you can end up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. You will be more likely have them, though, if you drink a lot (say, five cups of coffee a day) You have two options, Dr. Winnie Lim Khoo, Adult Neurologist says, “You can take caffeine when you normally do and feed the addiction, or quit altogether.”

Caffeine is a common ingredient in many prescription and over-the-counter headache drugs. Because analgesics work more quickly and more efficiently with caffeine, patients are able to take less medication. Caffeine additives make pain relievers 40% more effective. Caffeine also helps the body absorb medications more quickly, allowing the patient to feel relief sooner. By adding caffeine and, in turn, taking less medication, the patient reduces the risk for potential side effects and reduces the risk of habitual or addictive usage.