Privacy: The characteristics of privacy and reasons of sharing privacy

People talked about privacy a lot when it comes to social media. Social media has introduced an new dimension to the well-worn flight over private space and personal expression. (Boyd,2014)Privacy is a significant problem which is worth discussing.

Sharing is the foundation of social networking. Social sharing is the sharing of information, include all your relevant information, your ideas, your experiences, your personal descriptions and so on in order to let others know more about yourself. The biggest problem is that many users are worrying about privacy leak. Privacy information is not allowed to be shared, but the things we share online are some personal information which is not completely private and can be shared publicly.

I believe the definition of privacy has become blur in the digital age. Because when teenagers post their personal stuff online they do not really mean to share their privacy. In the other words, they are not aware of that they are sharing their privacy at that moments. So how can we identify privacy? We have to know the two main characteristics of privacy.

Relative is the first characteristic of privacy. Privacy of different dimension have many kinds of meaning, for example, personal privacy, family privacy, company privacy, country privacy and so on. Privacy for different people is relative. It also has different meanings according to different situations.

The second one depends on who is the belonger of privacy , it also can be explained as belonging. A good example of it is company privacy, and it belongs to the company. Therefore, the company secrets are not privacy inside the company, but is privacy for the public. The definition of privacy also changes in different aspects.

Nowadays,many people are willing to share their privacy online. So why do people like to share their personal information publicly?

The first reason is that they want to introduce themselves through the Internet to everyone. This self-description process also can make the sense of distance between people become closer.

The second reason is that they want to gain the sense of identity which is a basic instinct of human. They hope others can agree with their expression of opinions and understand their value. Everyone wants to make friend with people who have the same value and achieve the same cognition for many things. For example, people always want to get a‘like’ when they forward some social news or daily events with approval or criticism of mood, some of them like to make simple comments and description of their opinion. Their opinions were led by the society which always form the same cultural, moral and behavioral standards for public.

The third reason is they want to record their daily life, record some funny things, memorable things, meaningful things. Optimistic people would be willing to share life with their friend s and family and express happiness, but some negative people also want to vent their emotions.

In conclusion, social networking is based on the exchange of personal information. The sharing of privacy is supposed to be shared in a reasonable range. An important rule is that if you want to get others’ information you have to share your own information at the same time. Therefore, sharing your privacy or not is decided by yourself, is your own choices.

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