It’s ok of not knowing the answer

I know when I am nervous of looking for an answer, I am not being myself. You may not understand the sense of achievement I had when I answered others’ questions and solved their problem. It is like I can sense their disappointment on me when I cannot answer firmly. It means that I am not trustworthy.

I want to pleased others. If they are happy, I will be happy too. If they recognize that it is contribute by me, I will be even happier.

It was the way to define myself.

What do you want to do?
Why do you leave this company?
Why do you want to work with us?

I don’t know how to handle the challenges from others and want to escape from it. I know I don’t need their approval to live my life but it is easier with their support.

After many years, I realized it is not the only way. There are certain things I lack of and I want to get it from somewhere desperately, direction, answer, confidence, firmness, etc. I hope I can turn to be someone who is clear with what he/she want in life and always confident.

The truth is, I don’t need to be like them and it is ok to live your lives without clear direction. You don’t need to please others but yourself.

Do something that make yourself happy instead of others.
Be selfish.
Trial and error.

It is so difficult to fight against the norm in society and people will be shaped into the “ideal” character. Who and how to define what is right and wrong? I am tired of meeting others’ expectation.

As James Altucher said, reinvention keeps going.
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