One shot of vodka, two pieces of meat and three slices of tomatoes.

It seems to me that our beloved Kenya has more holidays than is necessary. Having said so, I am still a typical Kenyan and I wait for them like the second coming of Christ, and I am in no way being offensive. This is why when the long labour day weekend presented itself, Noir and I decided to head out to the west, Kisumu to be more specific.

It all started on that Saturday morning, I had to pass by the NEWXshop and pick some goodies up then I met up with Noir in the Nairobi CBD. By now, you already know that there is no particular time we have ever made any good decisions together and this time was no different. By the time our ride was picking us up, we had a one litre bottle of vodka and a six pack of guaranas (smirnoff black ice).

Luckily or unluckily we spent the day scouting the city (one of us was looking to purchase land) and we left Nairobi at around six in the evening. I don’t remember much about the journey because I was flat out wasted. I do remember that we had to relieve our bladders about sixty times though and that really annoyed our driver. The best thing about this whole trip was how much we predisposed ourselves to goitre.

Our food consisted entirely of nyama choma, kachumbari and alcohol. I know it’s an unhealthy lifestyle but you can judge all you want, I had fun and food is and will always be BAE. I also got to see Nyanza from a totally different view, going as far as Saye. We had to travel for about three hours through the worst terrain, but it was worth it. See my excitement in the picture below.

Finally we ended up in Kisii. I have been to Kisii about three times and the end result is always almost the same. I always nearly die, mostly from alcohol intoxication but sometimes just from bad decisions. It’s an amazing town, but I always see it and it reminds me of that time I almost died. Anyway beautiful landscape and the banana trees are everything.

These escapades took us a total of three days and I was back to Nairobi by Tuesday wee hours, full of toxins but a happy woman, ready for another week of making myself a better person. All in all, isn’t Kenya beautiful? It’s amazing what a beautiful scenery and three days full of vodka, meat and tomatoes can do to you.

Until next time love and love ❤❤.