Story Time 😃

Hey there. Now I haven’t been in Nairobi for a little over three weeks now and apart from the terrible nostalgia I am suffering from, I am cold people. I am so cold and this has affected my reasoning capacity, this means that I snap at everyone and everything that gets in my way. It’s hard to believe I am still in Kenya, I think that is snow I see out there.

Anyway so I woke up today morning and it took me around fifteen minutes to get out of bed, then ten more to decide if showering is a human necessity. Then I had to decide if I really needed work in my life, like seriously weigh the pros and cons of just quitting. It is at this point that I always remember that I decided to grow up and thus there is rent to pay, stomachs to feed (I put that in plural because I eat like three people combined) and alcohol to purchase. At this exact juncture I left the house to go tend to my extremely unhealthy habits.

It takes me around fifteen minutes to get a matatu that has sitting space, I am still very irritated by everything. The first thing I notice when I get in is the horrible stench in this matatu. It is like a squirrel died in here two weeks ago and was left to decompose in peace. Let us just note that this wouldn’t shock me people, a few days ago a man was devoured by a Hippopotamus. At first I thought this was a story the locals tell to scare me, I am very easy to scare, so I never took it seriously until two days ago when I saw a live Hippo leisurely taking a stroll at the roadside at around 8:00 p.m. I mean it looked really comfortable like it was in it’s natural habitat. Since then 7:00 p.m always finds me in the house, mama ain’t gone die by the hand of a Hippo, no she isn’t.

Back to the matatu. I am seated next to a window but I can’t open it to let some air in because of the situation in the picture above. I am dying of this horrible smell and I can’t do anything about it. Everyone else seems not to notice but at this point I am sure that someone in this matatu did not bother to shower today morning or any other morning in the past two weeks.

What I am trying to tell y’all is that I don’t think I can make it to my destination in this environment. It’s a one hour drive and I can’t get off and take another matatu because well, Hippopotamus. My only other option is to cut a human. Who has not heard of the importance of body hygiene in this generation. Is it so hard to just throw some drops of water on yourself really. This having being said, I might need bail money by the time I get to work, because I am about to cut me a human.

Until next time, let us love water people,let us love deodorant and I insist let us especially love water. Do not forget to like this post and comment. Adios ❤❤.

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