This isn’t accurate. What about broadband users? I think we have the cheapest high speed broadband.
Saurav Singh

cheapest? FAR from it! Average tariff in India even if we were to discard PPP, is still pretty high. many east european countries have cheaper plans than us.

This chart is an old one, but the important point is to see the FUP — which is pretty high in most cases. For example: Airtel broadband base plan hovers around 40-50GB for around $18. If one were to compare the EU/ US they’re in the 100s of GBs. one of the examples showed 2TB for $80!! that’s like 10x what airtel broadband gives!

That’s the entire story — and it’s pretty old — 3 years old. Having used broadband for the last 16 years, can safely say that we’re far far from cheapest. last 3–4 years have been a virtual standstill in terms of improvement in broadband speed/ FUP.

So, Jio’s entry is welcome, will set cat among the pigeons!

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