Tips on Placing the Best Bet on Tennis and ESport

Betting on tennis seems to be far better and more beneficial choice than betting on horse racing and football. The reason is simple. There only a few probable results in football matches. Hence, you may have to bear a higher risk. On the other side, it results in lesser probabilities. Hence, you have a lot of things to worry about. Even though a team seems to be losing the match initially, it is possible that it might fight back and win the match at the moment. But a losing team has less time to fight back on the match. Hence, there are only a few possibilities that such events may take place.

How to Bet on Tennis?
First of all, you have to consider the value of the tournament you have been betting for. All tournaments may not give you best returns on tennis bets. It is obvious that some bigger matches like Wimbledon can be more helpful to you than several others. So, it is important to choose the tournament wisely for esport bets and you have to know the value of the tournaments.

Next up, you have to know the reputation about the player you are going to bet for. You need to study about the player well if you are going for tennis betting picks. Also study the results of his recent matches and his playing pattern. Consider his career form and determine the probability of winning. Don’t place bet on any player just because of their fame and reputed name. Even the best players have to face their off-forms.

Stay up to date with the latest news and find out the type of ground which is decided for the match. Keep in mind the playing styles of them may do wonder in any kind of ground. You have to find out the possible outcomes due to the type of ground and how such players are going to perform.

Don’t bet on the player who won the previous match. It is one of the most important decisions especially if you are planning to bet on first round. The reason is obvious. He might be facing tiredness or jet lag. After playing such a huge match and working harder, he may feel restless. Hence, there are more chances for him to stay less focused on the game.

Also find out if the two players who are going to play the next match have played the last one with each other or not. Analyze the results of their last matches properly. Find out which match they have won the most number of times. Though it is not important the player will win or lose this time, it will, at least, help you decide which one to bet.

Suppose you are betting on the second or first round, it would be easy to bet for qualifier. It is possible that the qualifier have played his qualifying rounds on the same ground. So, he has experience with that ground. Hence, he has a great advantage over another player.

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