Raw Thought of “Birmignham’s Rage…”

Yesterday, I I published Birmingham’s Rage is a Symptom of the Local Systems. It sparked good conversations with folks. Enough people saw a muddled thought process, that I felt I need some correction. After some time to think about the responses, I decided a step-by-step account of the thought process would be better. Others can agree /disagree with any particular step or the transitions between of any particular steps Here they are:

Step 1 There are overwhelmingly negative sentiment in the recent writings.

Step 2 The people writing these negative comments express either suburbs-against-city or city-against-suburbs (i.e. us-versus-them).

Step 3 This suburbs-against-city / city-against-suburbs shows a lack of cooperation among people in the region.

Step 4 The lack of cooperation among people is similar to the lack of cooperation among cities in the region.

Question Which comes first: a lack of cooperation among people or a lack of cooperation among cities?

Answer I believe a lack of cooperation among cities is the basis of the lack of cooperation among the people. I arrive at this answer because I believe people of a region who rely on one another would not be us-versus-them like Step 2 above.

Step 5 People of the Birmingham region are dependent of other cities of the Birmingham region being economically and culturally prosperous.

Step 6 Regional economic dependency combined with a lack of cooperation is a formula for regional decline.

That’s the raw thought process. Wether it was obvious in my original thread is a different story.