Re: “is a bicyclist”

I do ride bicycles with cycling groups. I do ride bicycles with my kids. I do drive a truck. I do walk on the side walk. I do take the bus. All of those are true. I experience the road from more perspectives than behind a steering wheel.

The bicyclist has feelings…feelings, as you say, don’t stem from my ass on a bicycle saddle, but from being a human.

The origins of my post come from a 6-mile route I bicycle. I use Strava to track my time over the distance. I’d recorded passing over this route over 50 times. I found that if I maximized my effort, I could complete that section in 18-ish minutes. If I went medium, and didn’t completely exhaust myself, I could finish in 20 minutes. If I cruised around at a nice pace, I’d end in 22 minutes.

This experience got me thinking about my driving in cars. Cars turn humans into the most powerful creatures on earth. Cars enable people to go faster than 99% of the people who have ever lived on ear. These are truly incredible tools that actually create more time for people by transporting them faster.

It is true as a cyclist and a walker, I see cars as having the dominance on the road. I try to take that dominance that I experience from cars as a pedestrian, and turn it into patience for any seconds lost while driving.

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