Winson Tang MD — Warming Up is Crucial for Effective Sports Performance

Winson Tang MD has been an active tennis player for a long time. He attended Tufts University where he received a 4-year combined Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Chemistry and graduated magna cum laude. As a university student, he played lacrosse and was a varsity letterman at the institution. When it comes to effective sports performance, he knows the importance of warming up.

A good warm up session before engaging in any sporting activity ensures that you are ready for the workout. The warm up helps to get the heart rate going, which leads to increased blood flow to the joints and muscles. Warming up is good for your mental makeup as well since it ensures you are primed for what is coming.

In cold weather, drivers are often encouraged to let the engine run for a few minutes before embarking on their journey. The same principle is used in warming up for exercise. The session gives the body time to prepare for the demands of the exercise planned.


Even though some people use the warm up and stretching interchangeably, they are different in nature. Warming up can take the form of less intense exercises designed to prepare the body. Stretching focuses on loosening the muscles that are going to be used in the exercise.

It’s not advisable to start stretching before you have warmed up. The muscles are not ready to stretch optimally, and you will be pushing the tissues to work more than they are ready to.

Winson Tang MD plays tennis in his hometown of Malibu, California with his friends and colleagues.